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Hi, I recently bought the Pulse One and found the setup easy. But after having the sensor in my 4x4 tent for 4 days I have found it to be very inaccurate. and slow to show actual current temps etc. I have 2 Grow light Science 300s with total wattage of 660w between the 2 lights. If my room temp is 20c then my tent should be around 25.5 to 26c as adds about 6c but the Pulse One gives me temp of 22c in tent and humidity seems to be 10% off. But when lights are off it is more closer to what it should read. No idea what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. I have it hanging at canopy level with shade on top, also don’t get different temp when take the shade off, maybe 0.3c higher.

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Greetings grow friend don’t mean to butt in to your conversation but I wanna hear the answer to this as I have a pulse pro 500$ AND a pulse one which both give different values in temp and humidity by as much as 8 degrees and 6% respectively. The kicker is all the other sensors I have (InkbirdSmart, hygrometer, 2 AC infinity fan sensors, and a dehumidifier computer) are 3 degrees and 2 percent below the pulse one. So that make the pro 11 degrees and 8% wrong
A little upset about the whole situation. It took so long to get it after I ordered it I can’t even send it back

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OK so do you take the leaf surface temperature in to consideration when doing this?
Second I have three in a 4x8 all in different zones and they re all within 2 /3 degree range. I run a ac infinity fan,pulse one, temp gauge then just average it out.

No problem. I totally get you. My room is 20c and have 2 Sensor Push in there with 1 Pulse. The light has been on for 1 hr and the SP shows 25c and 44%RH and Pulse 22.4 and 49%RH which was 53% in tent before light came on so Pulse say. I hope we get this sorted out or I will be returning mine.

No I don’t take the leaf surface temp as struggle to find one that is well made and gives true readings. Also this unit is supposed to tell me what the air temp and humidity is. It is not doing a good job of it. If they really have such good sensors in them I wouldn’t expect to see these unreliable readings.

Hey can you send a picture of how you’ve got it hanging in your tent?

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Hi Tommy, that is a huge difference for the Pulse Pro. There may be something wrong with it. We could do a replacement under warranty. Have you hit up our support team?

How are you able to state to a certainty the the Pulse is incorrect?
How are you calibrating your sensors?
How often do you need to recal the Pulse vs the other sensors?

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Humidity drops after lights turn on because temps rise.

Just return it if you think it’s inaccurate. You don’t have to throw a fit or get mad at people.


I am in an area where it is illegal to grow, so I don’t feel comfortable doing that. But it is hanging a few inches above the canopy. I tried having a shade, no shade, middle of tent, far left, far right, I have fans in tent, but not hitting the sensors.

I agree, this is a Growers community where all is calm, and with members that communicate with one another with questions and answers. So I believe that in order to get the responses that anyone is looking for politeness and respect to one another is necessary. After all you know what they say, you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. LOL
With that said I believe if any of us cannot conduct ourselves as I described, they should not be using the community site. Instead just contact customer support, directly without stirring up any of the other members.
I think these meters are fantastic I only own one of them and it’s the pulse Pro. Unless any of us has equipment that a Weather station, or NASA. Uses to measure any of the same readings that the Pulse meters measure. Then who’s to say that any other meter is 100% accurate. I feel even if it’s not 100%, as long as the readings are consistent. Well then you have a great guide to keep your grow environment in check. It’s better than anything that I have seen on the market. You have to look at the all the features as well, you get this great Community to communicate with other growers. You get great customer support from Pete and his team. Not to mention all the other features that the pulse units have. Which is probably why we all have bought a Pulse. It’s not just a thermometer, or a barometer, it gives you lots of other tools to help you be a better grower and to grow better.
Peace be with you, and have a great grow.
May your plants Dance. LOL

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No I haven’t Pete bc I ordered it back in October so the thirty day window has long expired

As stated above I agree with if you took your leaf surface temp into consideration-( easily done with an IR temp gun ) and set your offsets correctly , this could resolve a lot of your issues.

Also agree with this is a support community and I don’t think anyone was degrading… just asking questions and giving information and helpful tips for u to have a successful product and grow.

Shit maybe it is a bad one ….also stated above return under warranty ???


I’m not looking for any trouble dude , just solutions to a problem I’m having. Hope you and yours had a great holiday


Okay look, I am sorry if i came across rude. That was not my intention. I could have put it better though. I am sorry to Peet and anyone else that was offended. I Just feel frustrated that I bought a sensor that is not working like how the many good reviews and general growers that use it. This was the reason I paid more to get it shipped here. Can anyone give me an idea how much your heat vs ambient temp your LED puts out ? I really am curious. Peace to all


I ordered an IR temp gun and will try as you suggested. Peace


Not offended brotha just trying to help-

So I’m my room -
Sealed / 2 ton mini split/ 1500 ppm CO2
4) 720watt blite LED
Week 7 flower
Buds are are 28” (roughly) from led

I run an ambient day temp at 81 degrees and my Leaf Surface Temp is 84/85 so I just plug my offset in my pulse and wham.

My pulse pro correlates almost perfect with my auto pilot environmental control unit and those cheapy little digital meters.


Sorry I am also at 100% light power now as well so that would change your leaf surface temp if your running lower percent on led lights . I usually run a 2% light increase to keep vpd in check as plant age through flower . And I always check my leaf surface temp when the 2% bump is made.

Hope it helps brotha

Loud Trees~


Man your grow room must be pretty large, to have a 2-ton mini-split head in there. I am getting ready to install Mini Split system through my home. Probably a 4 ton, 5 zone, system. I am going to have 1 head for my grow room, about 9000 to 12000 BTU depending on the system I purchase. My son is a HVAC master, he will be installing it, that’s going to save me a bundle.

“May your plants Dance”

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