Looking for Beta Testers: Native iOS App

Hey Pulse Growers,

We’ve been working on native apps for iOS & Android, and they are getting closer to being launched. It should be very similar to the current experience, but who knows what kind of bugs are lurking within. To help find these bugs I’d like to get some help. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll invite you to the test.


I’’m in! Let me know what to do. Many thanks.

Count me in as well, I’m definitely up for giving feedback and pointing out reproducible bugs!

count me in if you want to

Sounds good. Count me in.

I would like to Beta Test the IOS App. Thanks!

I’m not in a rush, as the site is pretty efficient, but if it can help you (or if there is new exciting features:)) I will be happy to be in for the IOS app.

Sure. I’ll hack around the iOS app.

Going to be PMing everyone to get their emails.

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Android user ready for testing here

We would be happy to help in any way! :sunny:

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Android user, would be happy to help test.

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Started sending invites. You should have em. If not, PM me your email. Make sure once you log in to go to your account settings and turn on push notifications there!!!

Could probably use a couple more iOS actually!

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Got it and it’s installed… now just need my device to arrive :slight_smile:

I’ll test if your still looking for testers I’m having some glitches

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iOS user here. Interested in testing :wave:

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I would like to test the iOS version of the app.

Sign me up!

I am ready for Android testing now.

Fire me a message with the link and your contact info for bug reporting.

Thanks guys :blush:


If you are still looking for testers, I’m in. What do i need to do?


Hey, I’m interested in being a beta tester for you & will gladly send you feedback! I have an Android phone