Looking for Beta Testers: Native iOS App

i am interested as well

sent you a PM

I’m interested. iOS

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sent you a PM as well

I’m down to beta test!!! Here’s my email derrellr@gmail.com iPhone8 plus

Sign me up please.
Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

I am also down to test iPhonex

Messages sent!

I think android app is good to go for launch. We don’t need any more testers.

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If this is still going on I’d like to get in on the test

I’ll send you a PM

Hey iOS testers - 1.1.2 just got pushed. If your notifications aren’t working, uninstall & reinstall the app. We’re going to be launching to the App Store soon

iOS testers - we’ve submitted the app to apple for review. If all goes well, it will be released soon. Thanks for your help!