Local API access

Hi, it would be great to retrieve sensors values via LAN, without relying on internet access / cloud,
so that we can still monitor our grow offline.

This could be done via Modbus/TCP, MQTT, etc.


I would like this as well; one of my biggest hesitations about going with Pulse was “What if they (heaven forbid) go under or get bought out and the new owners decide to discontinue the service?”

A local API would mean the hardware would still be of use in that scenario.


I would also like something like this but my main use case is I want to know what the environment is right now, not “a few seconds ago” or “a minute ago”. I understand that I can’t expect charts with data for every second, but the ability to fetch “this exact second” cause the user explicitly asked would be great. Trying to calibrate other equipment to the Pulse unit is challenging because a lot of other monitors update as quickly as every second, and you’ll see them fluctuate much more often in a 1 minute timespan than one might expect. It makes calibration a guess and check situation which is less than ideal.


Hey there, immediately reading the latest data looks pretty doable for our hub sensors, not so sure about the ones and pros at the moment. I’ll bring it up with the team to see if we have the capacity to accommodate this.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute.



I currently am using a Pulse one, so he ability to do that would be awesome. I did also pre-order the Hub, so excited for that feature as well as many more I hope :crossed_fingers:

Regarding what my plan is if we go under; it would be open sourcing the firmware and hardware, and unlocking the devices. In that case someone could potentially self host, or implement their own local API.

As far as plans for developing local API, it is a lot of work with a very small benefit, so it’s not high on our priority list unfortunately.

The type of customers who could and would leverage a local API can also trivially connect off the shelf sensors to a project board, and feed that data into their own local server.

Hi there, just wanted to add to Peet’s reply above.

We decided to add pulling the most recent data for hub sensors sometime in near future.

Most likely it will look like a button that just gets the latest data without waiting the rest of the minute for new data to come in.

We will only be adding this to the hub since the hub already supports this for its internal stuff and uses a even more capable infrastructure, while One’s and Pro’s would need significant development to accommodate this feature.