Future line graph

Hello, will the ability for users to scroll in the “future” on the line graphs be possible using iOS - this way the user can see a real time line graph of each perspective measurement? Thanks!

Hi Canna guy, do you mean that you’d like to have the graph data automatically update whenever there’s new data available from your device?

No sir- I’m looking to skip ahead of the current point on the line graph to watch for real-time trends up and down.
I’m needing to scroll ahead of the real time data recorded(to the right) but I cannot.

Will you be creating a widget for iOS devices(Please!)

Is there a way to remove , hide or “click and drag” the “Filter by device status” banner at the top of the screen when in your dashboard from the iOS app?

Any thoughts on a pulse controller/surge protector that connects the sensor at the top of the tent and is made to attach to tent poles?

If you click on the icon in the bottom scroll bar, it should scroll forward on the chart. Does that not work of you?

A widget is something we’ve considered, but it is actually a pretty big project, so we haven’t prioritized it over our more critical projects.

Here’s the Wishlist thread for a “smart plug” Smart Plug for Controls - #6 by didi

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No sir, does. It allow yo scroll ahead of the current point. I just went into the app and tried again. I need to scroll ahead of the current point(noted in picture)

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I think I got it. You want to pull the latest data from the server when scrolling, right?

No. I’m wanting to scroll ahead on the graph where the data is not shown yet- that way I can view that graph kinda like on the dashboard where you can see a little bit ahead therefor when the data is shown on the graph you can see an aerial view. I just need to be able to scroll ahead on the graph if that makes sense?