Smart Plug for Controls

It would be amazing if you guys can come up w a 120v switches that can wirelessly connect to the pulse and control whatever device is plugged into it . But the best part would be app integration where it uses the pulse data and set points to kick equipment on or off !


I’ve been suggesting this type of automation integration since early pulse 1.0 days. They are focused on tuning the grow room “monitoring” capabilities, and less on the “controller” features. A smart grow room controller would be a great Pulse 3.0 release idea :slight_smile:


This is actually something that has been increasing in priority for us.


Would definitely have a pre order customer here if you roll some out! Losing hair from pulling it out trying to calibrate my ink birds to my pulse :joy: a schedule function would be awesome too for lights/water schedules. I’m using the TP- Link Kasa plugs now. They work alright just an extra app to keep track off

Would be cool if you had devices that listen to the API. Use your same Pulse app to add devices. Assign device to Pulse App and add another couple endpoints to manage the task.

That would be cool an array of IOT devices on a single platform which can have assignable task. Use Device #1234 when customer rule is set. That way you could just set up blocks and assign them to specific Device #s with assignable task through simple conditional logic.

What would be even cooler is a assignable 6 port outlet with # devices. So I could assign humidifier to 1 port, a fan to another etc. etc,

Would be even cooler. Lets say there is a power outage. You have a backup power… You could run a series of small LEDs with low consumption ratings to keep things alive until issue was resolve. Even a small source of light can offset huge issues.


omg that’s the best idea ever. I would fully kit up with an automated pulse system.

So far out of all the devices i’ve used including fans etc the pulse is the most reliable and accurate by far.

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This would be a great addition. A real differentiator, rather than just turning power on or off at pre defined set points, would be to use the data from the pulse and simple predictive analytics to turn the outlets on or off in order to reduce the amplitude of the environment around the target value of temp and humidity. The system can start the power cycle at the defined variance from the set point but then increase or decrease the activation point to dial in a flatter curve. Modern digital thermostats do this recognizing the thermal inertia of an environment to maintain temp closer to the comfort setting and we also want to keep our babies comfortable.

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Atm I use my original pulse coupled with the autopilot environmental controller. Works great but would be awesome if it was all at my fingertips with the pulse app

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