Device Disconnected

My internet went down, however after a few hours it has come back online, but my pulse monitor will not connect to my wifi. Please asist, since it is saying disconnected.

I have closed and open the app multiples times, I have tried to change wifi settings on the deivce, with not luck.

Hey! Going to shoot a message your way so we can get this issue resolved for you!

@John I have experienced the same issue and would appreciate help getting back online.


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Hey! Sending you a DM

Same problem. Original pulse. Nevermine, I pulled the plug for it and didnt realize it.

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Happy to hear you were able to get back up and running. Definitely feel free to shoot a message if you have any further issues!

Hello my device also disconnected and will not connect to any wifi. Please Help!

My devices keep getting disconnected. Can you show me how to resolve this issue please ?

Today the pulse won’t connect have disconnected,what else can I try , keeps saying dialling in and nothing happens.


Unfortunately we are running into an issue with the app loading. Our engineers are looking into this as we speak and we hop to have it resolved shortly! I’ll reach out to you with an update once the issue is resolved!

Looks like things are coming back online. We’re still closely monitoring the stability of the app. Please let us know if you notice any further issues!

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Mine just reads dialing in….

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We’re still actively investigating this issue so you may notice some intermittent downtime. Rest assured the team is on this and working hard to have the app 100% stable. We appreciate your patience!


Thank You!

It’s working again for me. Thanks! @Pulse

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Mine is on too! Thanks Everyone! :facepunch: