Blueberry She or Blueberry He

Hoping for a little feedback as to whether I should keep or toss this Blueberry plant. I took the closeup picture earlier today and don’t like what I see (looks like “balls”). I’ve checked this Blueberry plant (from a “feminized” seed) about 6 or 7 times before and it’s always appeared to be female . . . until today. This Blueberry is about 10 ½ inches tall and roughly 2 weeks into veg. Should I wait for more “proof” one way or the other OR does this picture definitively show sex NOW? I’m no expert with this.

THANKS in advance for any help.

i would keep it looks good to me.

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Cool. Thanks.

I concur with jd7321. It’s still early but I’d lean toward female based on the pic. At least not male at this point in time. . .


Wait it looks female to me

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Thanks guys.

I will keep her for now. Definitely prefer NOT to toss. Funny thing is that of the 4 girls I have right now, all are doing fine, but she is much bigger than the other 3 and was a “freebie” seed to boot. To be fair though, all four are different strains.

Looks good to me as well! I’ve definitely culled good females in the past, so I’ve learned to be a bit more patient over the years. I would keep an eye on it as it is still a bit too early to guarantee the gender at the moment.

Def too early I think

I wouldn’t count her out just yet, still early

Thanks monstermash, GeMann, and tosi.

Question for you tosi. If it’s a bit too early to tell for sure, then (IYHO) how far along into Veg or how soon before switching to 12x12 cycle do you think sex will show itself clearer. On my previous grow (I’ve never had a male in all 4 or 5 I’ve done), I did NOT notice a male until about maybe 3 weeks into flower . . . and obviously it was too late by then. I got rid of that plant (& that plant was gorgeous, so it killed me to have to toss) reluctantly afterwards. NOT checking carefully beforehand was a very painful lesson. And I will admit that I don’t dislike seeds; I HATE them.

Obviously for propagation I’d feel differently towards seeds and males, but I’m not doing that here.

i’m not a bettin man this early but
i’ll say female for 1000 alex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IME sex shows about 2 months from germination, but can vary from plant to plant (even of the same strain). Even if I think I can ID them in veg, I always double check any plants that originated from seeds about 7 days into flower. By then you’ll at least have some solid preflowers and if there is still a male in the group you’ll clearly see the banana-like structure of the seed pods and lack of pistils.

Cool; excellent info & duly noted. :four_leaf_clover:

I just went through that. :scissors::scissors::scissors: I hear everyone’s positive feedback and there’s nothing wrong with it but that plant is a boy​:weary::weary:

I’m honestly not sure, what I would do if I where you is. Cut a clone, let it root, then flip it to 12 / 12. Considering we are in a community for a environmental data logger, you probably want hard facts, not a feeling, not soft facts, not fake facts but real facts.

Cause I’ll tell you something, most cannabis groups are a shit show of opinions. With people talking out their asses thinking they have grow equivalent of the shining (the ability to see ghosts from the movie the shining). The only way for you yourself to know is to test. Iv seen plants go both ways and some in between.

tommy.tee and Saltiest_Grower: fellas . . . great feedback for sure.

Truth be told, I actually agree with both of you. When I took the original photo of question back on the 10th, my gut had the same reaction as you did tommy.tee. You may well be 100% correct.

For my own education and curiosity though, I’m going to wait this one out. It takes little time to check regularly with my LED loupe. It IS going to cost a bit though in time & money, but not too much all things considered. Will try to clone & root @ 12x12 as suggested by Saltiest_Grower, sometime later next week when I can. Will post some photos of each at that time.

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I’m not seeing what makes you guys think its a male. I think its to early to sex. I’ve had cultivars show little circles(forget the actual name bracht?) With a single pistil show out of it so I’m leaning towards female. The clone trick is useful if you want to flip early on from seed but id just wait until the flip for flower if rooms not a concern.

any determination of sex yet ? curious

Dude. Sorry. I haven’t been on the site in while and am not always the best at keeping on top of my email.

Anyways the answer to your question is YES. The plant is now officially “Blueberry She”. And she’s grown from the 10.5 inches in my original post to 37 inches today. She’s 8 days into FLOWER.

I probably checked (using my jeweler’s loupe) 6 out of the last 7 days. Yesterday I saw about 4 or 5 pistils. I saw pistils prior to that, just not as many on the same day.

No balls to be seen anywhere!

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Full disclosure here: I did attempt to clone my Blueberry plant a day or two after you suggested it to me. I’ve never cloned before. I read up on it a little and got what I needed from the local shop. Thought I’d done a decent job of it. However, the clone went from seeming fine for several hours to being COMPLETELY limp (a.k.a. DEAD) a few hours after that. Given I was a little peeved at the time, I pretty much wanted to forget about the experience, and definitely was not interested in a doing a 2nd attempt.