Best Humidity Controller?

Hey there, I’m wanting to use the VPD to follow my grows. I’m honing in on day temp and rH, with consistent VPD. The issue I run into is at night. The temp drops, thus needing a different humidity level. The inkbird, I see doesn’t do that (doesn’t have a night and day setting for humidity). What devices are you using that allow for that? I found some online that aren’t the inkbird that seem to do this. Thanks!

Hi there, I’m using the inkbird wifi thermostat and humidistat. These models both support multiple settings using “scenes” that you can program to trigger at specific times of the day. I have a day and night setting for my tent that I synched with my lighting schedule. You can also program it to trigger scenes on other parameters.

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Oh this is great. I hadn’t seen an inkbird with wifi/app capacity. That solves that! Thanks much!

Very welcome! Good luck with your grow!

What’s funny is I just got this email from Peet. LOL did I just buy something don’t need? I can in essence set up a timer on my smart wifi strip to turn off the humidifier and then back on in conjunction with the light. I just ordered the inkbird. I guess it will help to know humidity from inkbird and have that just trigger my humidifier on/off with power. I just think it’s funny! I also purchased the Pulse One which at the end of this email it encourages me to buy lol.

I didn’t buy my inkbirds with intent of controlling VPD at night specifically. It was a matter of automating the tent environment as I was having a hard time balancing temp and humidity. It was a bonus to have a night cycle. I’ve read its good to cool tent a bit when lights are off. Ideally less heat means lowering humidity slightly as well. I figured why not find a night setting and maintain vpd as well…can’t hurt and gives plants more consistent environment. So far its working out well…you’ll see last 24 hours. My target is .8 vpd.

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So this is what my set up will be with inkbird…
Humidity Side of things:
Humidifier side: Electric/digital humidifier at one setting (the highest for 24 hour cycle) - this will be kept on 24/7 - at say 60% as i’m in late VPD; 2nd back-up non-digital humidifier that stays on always as long as there is power
Dehumidifier side: Electric dehumidifier that will power on when it receives power

Thermo Side of things:
1 Heat: Small Space heater (outside in the lung room)
2. Cold: Nada (it’s winter here) - I can regulate cold easy with the window

My question is this:
I keep my day time temps at 79 degrees, humidity around 68% with VPD averaging at around 1.4 (my target is 1.3). For night time, they say no more than 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Would I be better off letting my tent cool down to 70 degrees, let the heater kick on, and set dehumidifier to kick on to reduce humidity to 50% to maintain that constant VPD at night? I know it doesn’t matter so much at night, but I want to automate this grow. What’s the best way to regulate night time?

Although vpd doesn’t mean anything at night, powdery mildew and mold do and they strike at night. It’s just a good tool to have. Do you you NEED pulse? Absolutely not but with that said it does help out with keeping everything in line and letting you know when it’s not. I hear they are coming out with a new Co2 model that’s twice the cost. Will I buy that? Probably not. Would I buy it if they had a relay port where you could use it as a controller? Definitely! With all that said… just another tool to help out


Sounds like a good plan bro

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What do you do at night for mold and mildew? I just got my inkbird calibrated to the Pulse One’s (which I love) humidity so they can act in sync. I just got this set up this morning. I also have 3 small oscillating fans going (I have 2.5”x5”x7.5” tent) with a t6 inline (in tent) and shutter exhaust outside of tent in the lung room to help with the passive air.

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Do you have inkbird thermostat as well as the humidistat? On the cooling side, I have an exhaust blower connected with speed control dialed way down low. My tent is in basement which runs about 15 degrees cooler and humidity in high 40s. I have the following setup:

Humidify: three 1.2 gal ultrasonic humidifiers
Dehumidifier: exhaust blower with speed controller on low

Heat: Electric heater on low
Cool: exhaust blower with speed controller on low (separate blower than Dehumidify above…I have two blowers)

With higher Temps in tent in cool dry basement the cooling cycle rarely hits. Mainly the heater and humidifiers run. When I switch to night mode, the blowers kick on for a time to get to night levels, then the inkbirds maintain. The tent balances within about an hour.

You helped me figure out how to connect the extra Vivosun inline can I had! This is now how I have it set up… with a plug to my weedstagram :wink:

Let me see if I can name all the tech to automate this tent…

@pulsegrow Pulse One supervising!
@inkbird_us IHC-200 Humidity Controller (1 Vicks Vaporizer, and 1 auto-restart dehumidifier draining out to sump)
@inkbird_us ITC-308 thermostat (cooling:
@vivosun.official 6 inch 440 CFM in-line fan, heating: small space heater TBD)
@acinfinityinc Airlift S10 shutter exhaust constantly running on low to pull air from lung room and helps pull air through tent.
@acinfinityinc Cloudline T6 inline duct fan with temp humidity controller (use for temp specifically)
@mygeeni Smart Surge Protector - This is great cuz you can make timers per plug (this is where I set my grow light timer)
@horticulturelightinggroup HLG 600 R-Spec
@vivosun.official 60”x32”x80” grow tent

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Woohoo! Nice! Just switched into full veg today. Pulled my T5s and started up the 1K mh. Picked up a hortilux blue 1K today and fired it. Tent balancing now, but my humidifiers are working hard now that I switched to air cooling the 1K light. Will move to 1.2 vpd tomorrow. That should drop humidity a bit more.


Whoa looking great there! Jealous of the tent size. Is that a cool mist humidifier? Do you find it makes a difference (versus warm mist)? I took my plant’s leaf temp (cool mist), and it was low. (like 69 degrees), in relation to where the temp was. So i’ve adjusted the temp on the app. Is that it? Do I ever recheck the leaf temps again? Anyhow, I feel like there are a million variables I can chase! :wink: Sweet Pilea Peperomiodie (sp?)!

Thx…tent is 5x5. I have three cool mist humidifiers. Not sure if cool vs warm matters. I just don’t want to have to change filters on the evap style humidifiers. I change my vpd leaf temp offset with major gear swaps, mainly with different lights, etc. Yeah I stuck a few extra plants i want to boost in the tent. Pilea, basil, and an Amaryllis for Christmas…maybe. :wink:

Hey @laserboy - how do you have have 3 humidifiers connected to the “working 1” plug of the Humidistat? Are you using an extension cord?

This looks great, thank you. I had an inkbird humidity controller and had no idea what it was capable of.

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Yes, just regular extension cord.

I got an ITC-308 Wifi Temperature Controller to help dial in temps overall especially at night…the device the inkbird is hooked up to is a Tower 23 in. 1500-Watt Electric Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater with Digital Display…once everything is set the heater doesn’t kick back on…it beaps and never starts back up. Is it because it has its own settings? My impression was that it would override them? Anyone experienced this with any devices and the inkbird controllers?