Anyone know what this is?

It’s suppose to be a gg auto but it’s growing weird as shit. Don’t understand it. From the very beginning the tips of all the leave were twisting belly up?
Never seen anything like it

what are you using for a media could be a ph issue your not giving enough information you could have let them get to dry

50/50 coco loco& ffof with extra perlite

I thought it was good to let soil get dry in between waters? Ph is around 6.0

I DEFINITELY appreciate that bit of information. Thank you very much I will stay on top of that. This happened 3 consecutive times and I never entered the watering technique into the equation. As simple as it seems thanks for bringing that to my attention

I have since watered with cal mag solution pretty heavy and clipped off affected leaves and it seams to have slowed

I’ve always watered when the pots became noticeably light in the ass!! Maybe I’m letting it get too light. I would classify media as “dry” before I water again. I mean I’m not letting it turn into sand or nothing lol but never the less it is pretty dry!

Again thanks

what are you growing the plants in?

That particular plant is in 3 gal cloth pot

I’m fairly new at this. I’ve been lucky had pretty good early success I just need a” mentor” that can teach me advanced basics!!
Kinda in between growing 101 & growing 102 lol

To be honest I thought it was bad to water damp soil for fungus, mold, and root health issues

your in coco it likes to stay more wet especially where its 50/50 perlight so are you just feeding strait water do you ph your water

My tap water is right around 6.9 so I just give them straight tap.

It doesn’t matter what ph I put in it comes out 6.0 n I don’t understand it. I can’t fix it

Looks like a strain called freakshow

If your run off is 6.0 its fine you should put it in 5.8to6.0 is what I do but I don’t use amended soil like Coco loco do you use any calcium or magnesium do you know ppm straight out the tap what’s you ppm/ec for run off the type of lightning your using led hps temps and humity of the room every little change creates another change in the plants environment every strain and pheno can be different check out this guy’s videos it might help you

So this is what happened to that plant

Sadly I had to cut it down.
I have been all over these plants with scope. Not seeing bugs n now I’m getting this on my veg plants which I thought were doing great

any pics of the backs of the leaves?

These leaves were at the top of the plantains awhile back the plant had “outlined” tips

Two weeks ago

She is looking so nice I’d hate to have to scrap her with the others. Someone suggested leaf septoria 2 grows ago (yes this is a reoccurring problem for me)
Starting to think I way under water bc I never run off bc the plants always go limp after