Yellowish/lime plant

Hey does anyone have any idea why my berry Og Kush plant appearS yellowish/lime like?(at least to me)

I use timber grow lights(640watt cob led) I’m growing in 5gal smart pots w/ fox farm ocean forest soil and perlite. I’ve had my water at a PH of 6.8 for most of my grow and I also use the fox farm nutrient trio every other watering(Currently only using big bloom and tiger bloom)

Plants are day 35 of flower.

It looks different with different angles so not sure if this helps it all.

It looks like a lock out.
Lock out can be the problem if you have not flushed the medium. The salts build up in the pot and cause the ec to get extremely high.
It’s a pain in the ass with a scrog but I would water til runoff and test it.
My guess is your ph is gonna low and your ec is gonna be high
The way to correct it is multiply pot size by 3 and pour that much ph’d nutrient solution in until what u put in the top comes out the bottom.

If your ec is low when u check, up your feeding regimen


i agree with tommy. also, what’s your ambient temps ? LED’s usually require a higher ambient temp. they can’t process food for energy if it’s to cool in there and all that.
nice lookin grow and GL :v:

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Have you developed any black spotting up near the top of the plant? Leaves that are exposed to light?

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Hey tommy sorry for the late response, I’m going to give what you said and shot and see how she responds! Appreciate the help bro! And I have not developed any block spotting on the plant anywhere besides on the tips of the leaves, there is a tiny hint of black on the tip if you zoom I’m on those pics! Thanks for the help man💪🏽

Hey slick, thanks for the help! I’m gonna give what tommy said a shot and see how that works, but to answer you ? About my temp, I keep the day time temp around 77-79F and my night time temps are 68-70F. Think I should adjust anything??

i’m not familiar with Timber Grow Lights. LED’s are similar but different. if the manufacturer recommended those ambient temps for flower then rock on. HLG emailed me and recommended 82-84 ambient for flower. i also keep leaf temps around that. veg for my HLG lights is 78-80. again matching leaf temps. LST will fluctuate of course. :v:

You basically have to go thru the process of elimination to figure out why your plants are lime green. There is many reasons or causes that could take on those symptoms. PH, EC, ambient temp, leaf surface temp, led intensity, saturation etc…
You literally have to go thru the checklist in entirety. Hopefully you hit a bullseye :dart: early in the process.
Unfortunately you have to grow for 30-40 years before you can pin point problems by eye. I’m pretty good at deficiency symptoms but the lime green symptom can literally be all of thee above.
I know you are in soil so the first thing I would check is PH. 6.7 is where you should be!!! Good luck

Great suggestions from fellow posters. I had a similar lime-green issue, only on specific plants. What worked for me was to buy a BlueLab soil pH meter ($80 on ebay), which revealed a soil pH of 4.2. This led to light top-dressing with calcium carbonate (oyster shell) and over a few weeks the plant is pretty much back to normal.

Nice grow—good luck!

I’m definitely gonna pull the trigger on that!!! Lol. Your the second person that suggested one of those so I’m gonna invest! I have one of those bullshit testers but I’m gonna spend a few bucks on a real one. Thanks