Would you guys mind taking a look at my first day?

Hey there. I just got the pulse one installed. Been about 24 hours now. I’ve been having some white powdery mildew issues. Can you guys tell me where the problems might be? Thank you!!

Look like your humidity is way to high at lights out. 80% humidity is no good.
You don’t want it above 60% as it’s allowed molds to bloom. This could be the cause of your mildew as it also can cause your leaves to get moisture on them which can turn into powdery mildew
I’m no expert but that’s my guess from a quick look.

Hope that helps


You have major temp, humidity and VPD fluctuations and well outside of optimal conditions.
Keep lights on/off temps much closer, get that humidity way down, and keep the VPD in the right range. All the best to you.

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Brian - in addition to the good advice from Grow and Blazin, another item is air flow. How are you ventilating the grow space?
On my PulseOne, I check RH and temp all the time and add VPD from time to time. Might make it easier to track things.