When to SCROG/when to flower?

Hey everyone so this is a two question thread that I was hoping to get a little guidance on…

1.)I’ve read about the benefits of Scrog and was thinking that I might want to try this on my first grow. I just don’t know When is the appropriate time to put up a Scrog netting in my tent? I’ll attach a pic but here is some info on my 4 plants that have been on 18/6💡…
•(3) were planted 5/29/20 in 18oz solo cups
•(1) was planted 6/11/20 in 18oz solo cup
•I transplanted the first (3) plants on 6/11/20 into 5 Gal fabric smart pots(their final resting place)
•The fourth plant was transplanted 6/27/20
•My tallest plant is roughly 12inches the smallest is 6inches.
•The first (3) plants are 43 days from seed the fourth Plant is 29 days.

Not sure if any of that is helpful but just wanted to take the time to give as much detail… now my 2nd question…

2.) When is the appropriate time to flip into flower? I am quite confused on the transitions of the cycle and the amount of days each cycle lasts… for example (3) plants are 43 days old… I know I’m in veg right now but when did I get into the veg stage from the seedling stage? Was it when I transplanted into larger pots? I just ask cause then I can get a better understanding of saying “I’m in this many weeks of veg…” cause right now I tell myself veg started when I transplanted into the 5 gal pots on 6/11/20 which would be roughly 4 weeks ago… and Flowering should be soon then…? Sorry to sound like such a dumbyouknowwhat but I just want to get a better overall understanding.

Thanks in advance and here are some pics of my plants, I’ve been removing fan leaves as they grow, maybe too much? Lol. I’ve also topped every plant but don’t know how well of a job i did but can add some more close up photos if anyone thinks it’s necessary.

ALSO if anyone notices anything that I could have done better or should Be doing better Or just anything at all that can help me with the rest of this grow and further improve my future grows, that criticism IS ALWAYS WELCOME! I’m a rookie at all this, so I know I’m messing things up, I may not know what I’m messing up but I’m quite sure there are some things lol. Furthermore if there’s anything good I’m doing I don’t even know what that is for that matter lol, so please lay it on meeee! The good, the bad, the ugly!

Watch a couple YouTube videos on low stress training. Your a ways out from a net yet!
Bill ward has some good videos! Check him out you’ll get some good info from him!

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Appreciate the advice tommy.tee! Thanks as always man🙏 Any guidance for my 2nd question about the whole when to flip into flower/how many weeks of veg am I technically in?

When did they sprout up and post a pic

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Like @tommy.tee mentioned, it would be best to do some LST at this stage. Adding a SCROG net too early will make it terribly inconvenient as you won’t be able to move the plants around once in the net. We generally add our scrog netting once the plants are in their final positions and the plants are stretching (first two weeks of flower).


The (3) oldest plants sprouted on 5/31/20 and the youngest sprouted on 6/12/20 here’s some photos

Hey mate it’s an interesting learning curve when your trying to figure it all out. I agree with the info above. Research low stress training.
Veg and train until your pretty happy with the coverage of your canopy. Then switch to 12/12.
Then they will beging to stretch! I do a final prune up from the bottom to take any fluffy or small stuff off at approx 2 weeks into 12/12. You could fit your scrog net after then. Just be aware they will prob stretch until approx 4 weeks into 12/12 . All strains stretch differently. So it just comes down then to watch learn your strains!
Good luck

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I too am a littler curious when the transition from seedling/veg is. Most of my research is pointing to seedling being 2-3 weeks after the first two initial leaves, and veg starting when fan leave are growing with 7 leaffettes. Is this pretty accurate information?

One thing to always keep in mind if running a trellis . Make sure you have your drainage in place . Without something like a drain away tray or a flood table, removing runoff if gonna be a bitch in a netted setup. I personally use drain away trays piped into a condensate pump and it works like a charm . Automated drainage is the only way to go if your about ease of operation . Removing buckets of water is a pain in the butt