What Temp in Flower?

LED’s don’t heat up leaves so the “best guidance” is to increase ambient temps by 10°F. That’s great for veg but, once moving into flower, “guidance” is to keep temperatures ← 80°F because, over that temperature, terpene production may be reduced.

Another factor - VPD is a measure that indicates maximal photosynthesis. That’s probably about a 100% match with what we’re trying to do in veg but is that the case when the plants are in flower?

My reason for asking - my grow is now in flower and the AC unit and a dehumidifier keep the temps at 80 to 74 with RH ≈ 50%.

What’s the best range fo r temp - can I give the AC a rest and let the temps rise into the 80’s or should I keep the temps in the 70’s?