What’s the deal?

Receiving emails when I shouldn’t be…

Same, got these this morning after new firmware push. They’re working in the right spot! Almost fixed it looks like. :sweat_smile:

Did you have your threshold set to 0% as the high value? That would trigger when you get readings that are pretty low. There’s some sensor noise that you’ll still experience.

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When all lights are off I want to see 0%, if I see any percent of light I’am going to assume there is light in the tent and that can possibly hermie my grow. What can be done to fix this? Right now when I see 2.1% light spikes I’m assuming there is a flashing light in my tent when there is not, this is not comforting when I’m seeing this from my phone stressing out about a possible situation.

Working on that 2.1% thing right now! :slight_smile:

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Should be fixed.

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Light issues are gone!
Nice having the refresh button back!
New app for some reason responds quicker and seems to be more stable!

Thanks for all your hard work yesterday, much appreciated @pulse @peet

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Thanks! Always trying to make things better for you guys!