Water sensor / probe for External Jack of Pulse Pro

What about a water sensor for that external jack on the Pulse Pro, one that simply looks for continuity when it detects a water leak? Electrically, this is probably the easiest external device you could offer, I’d imagine it’d be quite easy to engineer. You could offer a probe of some kind that sits below your mechanical devices to watch for a water leak, like a plate that sits on the floor of the tent or the rope some water leak detectors use with wires in it. I’m currently using a Govee type device. Just thinking about it, it’s probably a sensor nearly every indoor grower could use & would want to add on when purchasing the Pulse Pro, if you offered one & it was reasonable I’d have bought it. Just a thought.

This is an interesting idea. The port is for UART stuff, but could probably be really easily repurposed for something like this. We’ll discuss the idea internally!


Interesting, with UART it could interface with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi or better yet an external relay box. Then one could actually control accessories & not have to use Inkbirds & calibrate them to what the Pulse reads.

An external switchbox with relays could switch on & off an AC with a 20A relay, then just a couple 10 A relays for humidifier, dehumidifier, perhaps even the lights. I built one for my AC because the I didn’t trust the little 10A relay in the Inkbird, so it flips a relay in an external 1900 box with a 120V 20A outlet on it. The relay box is easy to build, I’ve never worked with UART but probably wouldn’t be too hard. Raspberry Pi & Arduino have external relay boards that can control larger relays easily. Just some ideas. I’d think you guys are looking for something to do with that port, right? Could also use ut as a CO2 controller, if you could pull that off it’d be an even better deal as then people don’t have to also buy a CO2 controller which is another $250 or so I believe my Autopilot cost me.