Video feed of garden

Maybe its way outside the wheelhouse, but I can’t think of a single thing I’d want on my Pulse dashboard more than a webcam of my garden. Imagine a dash with multiple pulse monitors and their corresponding webcams.

A grand idea if the proposed now included camera cost is not abnornal.

Does the camera have to be built into the Pulse? As long as the video feed is on your dashboard. We could use a Wyze V3 camera, and just be able to link it to the dashboard in the app.
Also this way you could choose where to put your camera, or cameras.

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I would argue that camera should not be built into the pulse as that would allow for optimum placement for both units. It could be done with an iframe, but I would understand Pulse’s reluctance to do this without some sort of partnership with a brand to ensure compatibility on both sides.

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Just following up, I still like my idea the best. Lol :sunglasses:
A place to link your video feed from a camera, or cameras that you can place anywhere is in your grow room.
To be able to use different formats, I personally like the wyze cameras. Also have the ability to take snapshots, to save, or post into the community from the app.

“May Your Plants Dance”

Not to be a downer, but this reminds me when I was originally talking to control providers for greenhouses. I kept asking them if they provided irrigation and climate control in the same location and almost all of them didn’t.

They eventually pointed out that while it’s possible, it dramatically simplifies the programs when they are purpose built for a limited set of tasks, which makes them more reliable and user friendly. The irrigation guys can focus on giving you a good interface for irrigation, and the climate guys can focus on a good interface for showing you climate data. It also changes the cost of each device because if you need one and not the other, you are not forced to buy the entire package (which can definitely get up there depending on what hardware is included).

The pulse pro is already priced outside of the range of most home growers, so adding any additional hardware doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Also, there are already very nice wifi cameras out there who focus on showing you videos feeds and nothing else, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll beat them in terms of functionality.

That said, if there are common cameras where a link to the feed is all that’s necessary then maybe it would be good, but those links would need to be smart (like the ability to open a different phone application).

If there’s a camera that you guys know of, we’d love to do an integration. Definitely open to suggestions!

Wyze would be great, but they are pretty locked down.

I believe Wyze is handing out API keys now on paid plans (very cheap). May be mistaken, but if so, those may be usable.

Can you show me where you found that?