Validation of PAR Readings

I’m interesting the Pro vs the Pulse One because of the PAR meter. Has anyone compared the values from the Pulse Pro against a dedicated PAR meter? If so, which meter and what were the variances?

Yes I tested it against a apogee 500 quantum sensor. The only qualm I have with it is it very inaccurate when holding it in my hand and taking the reading but it’s spot on when it’s laying on a flat level surface. So if your using as a dedicated instrument you must pay particular attention to the way you are holding it.

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Holding it flat is extremely important, since the angle changes how much light hits a surface.

@peet there are several channels on youtube who are known for measuring PPDF of lights using known quality PPFD meters. Have you considered having a 3rd party do a comparison of the Pulse Pro vs. a known quality PPDF meter? None of us are expecting 1:1 results compared to a dedicated meter, but I know you guys put a **** ton of work into this, and it’s my impression that people think highly of this and that it’s up to the challenge?

I would very much like to see this too. My intuition is that it will be very close. The spectrum seems to match up very good. Also I have a question instead of starting a new thread. Do you count ir readings into the ppfd. I’ve noticed the meter doesnt and where I’m trying to really dial that in I’m concerned ill be giving them to much light. I guess the plants will let me know anyhow.

We haven’t considered reaching out to anyone in particular. I figure someone will do this on their own sooner than later, we do have a pretty passionate customer base. We did do a fair amount of internal testing when developing the product, and found good agreement (within 10% at worst, within 2% at best) across a wide variety of lights and spectrums.