Validation of PAR Readings

I’m interesting the Pro vs the Pulse One because of the PAR meter. Has anyone compared the values from the Pulse Pro against a dedicated PAR meter? If so, which meter and what were the variances?

Yes I tested it against a apogee 500 quantum sensor. The only qualm I have with it is it very inaccurate when holding it in my hand and taking the reading but it’s spot on when it’s laying on a flat level surface. So if your using as a dedicated instrument you must pay particular attention to the way you are holding it.

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Holding it flat is extremely important, since the angle changes how much light hits a surface.

@peet there are several channels on youtube who are known for measuring PPDF of lights using known quality PPFD meters. Have you considered having a 3rd party do a comparison of the Pulse Pro vs. a known quality PPDF meter? None of us are expecting 1:1 results compared to a dedicated meter, but I know you guys put a **** ton of work into this, and it’s my impression that people think highly of this and that it’s up to the challenge?