USB cables constantly flake out


In a world where Pulse can use anything why are we using cheap micro USB cables that flake out after a relatively short time in a room?

The biggest single downfall is this power system to the pulse box. The charger plug has exposed USB A as it sticks out and does not seal but worse is the micro end that does the same thing. Why are these not a sealed cable that is one piece to the power? This makes no sense to me and is likely one reason why I am looking for an alternative that is reliable.

Hi Scarecrow - that’s definitely a problem we’re trying to address. The water resistance of the Pulse One definitely has room for improvement. You just have to be careful with this device when watering.

We’re working on improving the water resistance significantly, so that you’ll be able to spray the device down when it’s in the garden.

The devices have never been wet. This is humidity corrosion. They are not near any wet area only in the room. Having a sealed power line to outlet would get rid of the exposed metal areas. The device seems good but I feel like this is a major oversight on the product. If the cable corrodes how long until the port is not usable? It’s disappointing to be sure

Agreed - that’s why we’re working to address it. If the port corrodes, we’ll replace it on warranty.

One thing to node, if you’re getting corrosion, you’re likely getting condensation on those parts of the device. Condensation in your grow is a pretty bad sign, and can give mold the opportunity to flourish,

We follow our VPD numbers as a rule and the devices don’t show any other signs of condensation. We have never had an issue with mold or condensation issues. We follow the VPD within pulse to have a stable grow and yet still have this issue. Are you saying humidity wont harm the exposed area of metal on the usb cables?

I did some quick research, it seems like humidity above 80% tends to lead to corrosion, increasing the rate significantly as it goes above 80%. And if you get condensation, you’re pretty much guaranteed corrosion.