Upcoming Improvements …

I am really interested in upcoming improvements and or new products you’re going to be introducing.

Can you share with us what we all can look forward to ?


Also looking forward to this thread…

@HighTechRasta @Farmer

The next major things coming down the pipeline for the app are:

  1. Setting profiles - so you can save a clone, veg, flower, set of parameters and quickly apply them to your device as you transition from one stage of growth to another. We’ll be building other additional functions on top of this, so if this doesn’t sound very exciting, think of it as a major stepping stone to some other features, such as rooms, product batches, archiving grows w/ results, sharing those grows & results, etc.
  2. VPD targets - these profiles will come with VPD targets, and a little while after that we’ll be using those VPD targets to provide guidance on how to get closer to your desired VPD. For example your “veg” settings profile might have a VPD target of 1.0 kPa, and you are currently at a VPD of 0.8 kPa. The app will tell you how much you need to change your humidity or temperature by to get back on target.
  3. Business tier - we need to get some recurring revenue to cover infrastructure costs (so we can keep the lights on indefinitely). This will be tied to features like managing multiple users and their permissions, advanced reporting, etc.

Yup, heard about it from your partner, on the GrowTube show few weeks ago.
There was also mention of some sort of day tracking, for like Veg and Flower?

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Yep - i submitted my response early so give it another read, added a bit more stuff.

In addition to having this app on our phone and I pad, I would love and welcome a device screen that could be positioned outside each of the rooms sensors are in so anytime you walk by any of one’s rooms at a glance one would be able to see in real time what’s going on in that room :)))


Would also love for the sensor to be able to detect C02 levels in each of the rooms a sensor is placed in.

For the people who run sealed rooms and or enhanced C02 levels and supplementation, seeing what each rooms C02 levels are at would be so amazing :))))


Why not just mount a cheap tablet? An amazon fire tablet is like $90. Edit: the fire 7 tablet is $50: https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Tablet-display-GB-Generation/dp/B01GEW27DA

We’re working on the CO2 stuff! Definitely something we’d like to release!


Great suggestion Pete :)))

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For now, I’m wondering if you could maybe use inexpensive Android tablets / phones for this? Just need WiFi and leave them plugged in. :muscle:


What… Peet beat me to it, but I was thinking more like off brand stuff from New Egg, etc. I have an old Fire tablet at home that works marginally well to play music for my dogs :joy: so it probably would be ok, but it makes me crazy trying to do anything more than play music with it.


I second this! Great idea

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We hear you loud and clear! The next device we release will include a CO2 sensor and onboard display that will work on the same platform as the Pulse One. CO2 sensor will also satisfy all regulations around CO2 monitoring requirements in commercial facilities.

We are really excited about this and are working hard to get it perfect.

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This is awesome news !!!

When might such a new release be released ?

We’re shooting for early next year.

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These updates are exactly what we were truly hoping for in our devices! Kudos to the team! Can’t wait to have them :wink:

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I would love to see reports such as what percentage of the day/week/month was the room in a certain range such as VPD was between 1-2.


Any updated on when the version that monitors CO2 will be released? thanks.

The global pandemic has slowed things down quite a bit for us on the product development & supply chain side unfortunately, so we don’t have a great estimate.

We hope there will be a release date soon! It’s kinda perfect with CO2…
Big ups

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