Unexpected Coupling between "Live" and "Zoom"

I’m seeing this behavior in the app running on iOS, on macOS in the Safari browser, and when running the app on macOS. All software is the latest version.
When I click on the “Live” checkbox, the selected value in “Zoom” is deselected. The expected behavior is that “Live” will have no impact on “Zoom”.
When I change the selected entry in “Zoom”, the “Live” checkbox is unchecked. The expect behavior is that “Zoom” will have no impact on “Live”.

On iOS only, when I check the “Live” checkbox, the “Zoom” dropdown changes to “Zoom”. The expected behavior is to never see “Zoom”. For a desktop UI, “Zoom” is the label (prompt) for the dropdown and shouldn’t appear as an entry in the list - perhaps mobile is different?


First of all, thank you for taking the time for such sophisticated feedback :smiley:

This isn’t really bug, more of a feature really, well, atleast is seemed like the best way to handle this stuff to me.

So here’s the thought process.

When open the app(device details) - you have a standard interval selected by default ( 1 day, 1 week etc).
So, of course, the app sets a start and end date for the selected range. The “Zoom” interval is more of a term for each non-standard interval.

When you have live selected - the End date of the interval gets extended by one minute, hence, changing the selected interval to zoom.

Of course, we could change this behaviour to not selecting zoom if we are on the same day, but that would lead us to accounting for date changes in the interval selection tab, but it seems more confusing then rewarding.

Also, the live button gets deselected when you zoom out, because it doesn’t make much sense to pull new data when the end date is older than the initial end date, can’t have non continuous live data.