Trouble connecting from old unit in new grow building

Greetings from my 2nd grow with the Pulse - peformed so well and now ready to grow again. It is a model number 2511.

I am having troutble connecting from the unit via blink up in the grow building that is much further from the house than the first grow, about 200 feet away. Tried to connect with a NetGear nighthawk 1900 in another middle RV garage splitting the distance from the house with the EXT at about 100ft with no success.
Sure would like to get a connection setup there pretty quicklike… thanks kindly for all the help.
I kept getting the long blink with three short blinks telling me the paswords were not meeting up.

Cheers and Hello everyone - Brian

Hey @ozarkflyfisher,

Happy to hear that your first grow went well, and that you’re looking to use us in your second grow! I’d be more than happy to help take a look at your device for ya! Could you shoot us an email over at We’ll be able to assist further once you reach out over there.

I look forward to getting you back up and running!

Thanks kindly for your help.

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I have installed MOCA adapters / I have achived a WiFi signal
Still running into password issues.
Thanks for any help - Brian

A couple of things to check:

Are you using the bluetooth setup process?
Have you been able to double-check your password in a different way?
Have you tried restarting your router?

Thank you to all - I wa able to get connected using a MOCA adapter. 2 actually.
All is running well - except my VPD is 2.0 …fixing that one…
Cold at night - might need a heater… looking at Vornado V5.
Room is 75 at night with black dog 600 LED in 5x5x6.
Light on 24/7. Only about 80 max during day.
Will post screenshot of Pulse soon.

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Thanks again - the plants are coming along nicely for my 2nd grow… way better with the Pulse.

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cool shot, plants are looking nice