Trigger PPFD/PAR Reading From App

Any chance of a remote button for the par meter so you can set it on some kind of stand or base and snap the reading from the phone instead of having to push the button on the pulse ? That would make life a lot easier when trying to snap a specific spot, say deep in a corner of a canopy that you can only reach with an extension.

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I wish I had ur problems. You must be one of the only people that got one lol. I’m over here biting my nails off waiting… bought this during my first grow and I’m about to start my 3rd into flower now. Send me mine asap please! Lol


It’ll come bro. I know right, my “Cadillac” problems!! Lol . I just happened to be in the first wave! And tbh im Not sure why but we haven’t had many delays in my area as far as deliveries since all the nonsense started . Your going to enjoy that par tool ! I was able to dial in my qbs with the LEC for a pretty steady par value across the canopy. It was also cool because the LEC was making way more par than I thought and I was able to see that and correct it to a more proper hanging height.

I almost forgot I bought it lol

I need to second its worth the wait. Figuring the cheapest par meter from apogee is 500 plus the co2 capability which is not cheap for a monitor either. I’m very happy with the purchase and could dial my lights in also. I’m very excited with the future dli capability also. Plus I think the side port might enable us to use it as some kind of controller in the future but at the same time I was doing the same as you biting my nails. Is it on its way yet? How about today? This week? Lol I know the feeling well.

Hey that’s a great idea. Yeah we can definitely do something like that - trigger a reading from the app. I’ve added it to our to-do.


We’re working overtime to get these out!

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We have a lot of them going out yesterday, today, tomorrow. Yours should be on the way really soon. Sorry for the delays!

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I got mine already. Was just referencing that I wanted it bad. I knew I could really tune my lights to optimum levels. Thanks though.

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