Time/Zoom Sliders

I’m finding that lately I am wanting to dig down into specific times on the chart. For example, I am only wanting to display on the chart the previous day’s night cycle (6 hour span) so I can see the averages for all the collected data only during that time frame. I really like I can do that and how it recalculates all the averages for me based on my selected time.

The only issue I’m having is with the slider bars under the chart that control what time frame/zoom I want. I have to fiddle with it quite a bit to get the chart to only display the night cycle. On the phone, it’s nearly impossible to drill down to a time frame that narrow, so I switch the web app, which is a little easier, but I still have to fiddle with it to get the precise time frame I’m wanting the data samples from.

This is what I’m referring to:

I’m not sure what can be done to make this easier from a UI perspective…perhaps we can enter the specific time frame we want?


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@yesimhigh live as of 2.5.3

Thanks, Peet.

I gave this a try from the iPhone app, and it’s acting a little odd.

Before adjusting time:

I click in the box to adjust time:

After clicking done, it reverts to this:

It does not seem to accept my input.

Thanks again

Seems to work fine for me on android… gonna boot up my iphone & test it.

Thank, Peet. I checked through the web app, and that worked as expected, just the iPhone app is acting weird.

Also…wanted to let you know that I’m a DGC member, and last month I won the one of the Pulse monitors they were giving away. Since I already have one, I gifted it to another DGC member that was looking to get one. Thanks for being a supporter of the DGC and for your generosity!

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Also, if they have the DGC Cup this year, my wife and I are planning on attending…perhaps we’ll see you out there.

Just noticed you added day/night averages…that’s essentially the whole reason I was going through the process of adjusting these sliders – to get those averages. Thanks for adding that. I find that very useful.

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Thanks man glad you find it useful.

I’m not sure - i think we had some folks there last year. I don’t do too much traveling (mostly working on the app and whatnot!) but i might come out this year.

That’s very generous of you man!

I fixed how it behaves on iPhone now. It will still act strange if your browser’s timezone is different from your account’s timezone. Things ain’t never easy with timezone st uff.

Thanks, Peet. It’s now working as expected. Thanks for the quick fix.

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