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I’ve ran into issues with the slider bars for temp/light/humidity under the Threshold Settings section. I’m finding they are difficult to touch/slide those buttons – they either snap to a different location or I accidentally grab the wrong button to slide. For example, if I’m trying to readjust my temperature setting from 75 to 72, it’s sometimes difficult to have the button land on 72 without snapping to another value. I really have to be precise with finger and even use the tip of my pinky finger to get it to land exactly where I want it.

Perhaps a change the way these numbers are adjusted would make it easier using a scroll or direct input of the values we want.

Also, I think I saw on another thread a future addition of profiles for veg/flower. I would also like to see a profile for drying. These profiles would be very handy. Also, the ability to give these profiles custom names would be cool. I know someone using Pulse for server/switch room monitoring, so the ability to customize the names for something other than growing could be useful in those unique situations.

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Hey yesimhigh
I had the same issue as I have fat fingers​:joy: I found using the Apple Pencil or some sort of phone/tablet pen was much easier :+1:

Nice thinking on the “drying setting” got to harvest this week and I was just thinking what should I set my Pulse to…:+1::facepunch::v:

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This is really valuable feedback! Do you have an input method you’d prefer? Maybe a field added to manually input the threshold more specifically? Or is there a way another app has sliders that work well for you we can look at and understand the UIX of this better?

Josh Grey

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Hi Josh,
I would think either a way to directly enter the value we want would be simple or perhaps a rotary style input where I can click the field and then have a rotary dial come up that I could easily scroll through to adjust the value. In the end, just as long as it’s easy to adjust. Right now, sometimes grabbing the little buttons (which are sometimes close to each other) and sliding them to the precise value can be a little tricky at times.


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@AndyGreen @yesimhigh I’m playing with the mobile sliders on a test phone we have and it is less than ideal. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

We haven’t released any info on this yet, but I’ll drop the mic here. We have a big app update in it’s final stages of testing that addresses alert thresholds specifically!

This update will totally change the way profiles are managed, allowing you to pre-configure multiple threshold profiles and quickly apply them to one or more devices. This will really improve the experience when switching light cycles and make managing alerts on multiple devices much easier.

We will send out an email describing all the details in depth when it is released, sit tight!


What’s this Xmas come early :joy::+1::+1::+1::facepunch::seedling::green_heart:


I’ve just powered back on the pulse after a few months of no grow. I like the updates! Good job Pulse team, and I do notice the threshold sliders are easier to adjust without jumping all over the place. Thanks for addressing that.

The only little UI thing I’ve ran into is sometimes when scrolling up/down in profile settings, my finger will apparently touch a threshold area and inadvertently adjust a setting. I just have to be a little careful not to touch the touch sensitive threshold areas when scrolling.

Thanks again, and looking forward to my upcoming grow.


Yeah, that’s a problem. Maybe we should deactivate the sliders within a certain amount of time after scrolling?