The Ultimate CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Guide for Indoor Growing - Pulse Grow

CO2 plays a key role in plant photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health. Maintaining appropriate CO2 levels in your grow space can boost your yield significantly and help you avoid many pest and environmental issues.

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There is a calculator on this blog post that suggests a supplementation rate. Does this calculator take into account the co2 used by plants, or is the only loss that is taken into account the external air infiltration?

If the latter, can we get a revised calculator that takes into account average usage by the plants? In my grow room, the usage by the plants far exceeds the infiltration of outside air.

I was thinking about how to do that, but I couldn’t find any great values to assume consumption by plants. Any suggestions?

One thing I was considering was having that be just a user-entered value with a somewhat reasonable default that scales based on room sqft.

How do you implement CO2 when venting to control VPD?

You would have to run a lung room setup and add CO2 in the lung room, or vent infrequently and take the loss.