Temp reading different to my existing thermo and gauges


I have recently installed my pulse one.
I have noticed the temp is reading 25 c when my thermo reads 28 c . I have attached thermo probe to pulse one temporarily so they are reading from the same spot.

When I set the vpd do I use the temp off the pulse or my thermo?

Also should I adjust thermo up till pulse reads the temp I want?

Little confused

Cheers mark

Hi Mark - we’re probably more accurate than your thermometer. That being said, it makes no sense to compare the temperatures unless they are directly next to each other.

Here’s a placement guide to get the most accurate readings: https://support.pulsegrow.com/help/where-do-i-place-the-pulse-one

Hi peet

Yes thanks I have read that guide already.

I taped the probe for the thermo to your pulse 1 so they are reading from the same place.

Do I use the temp reading from the pulse to calculate the vpd offset?

Also should I adjust the thermo up till the pulse reads them temp the room should be?

There’s a minimum of 3 deg c between the 2.

I will make a cardboard shroud today that covers both the pulse and thermo probe to see if that makes a difference.

Iv worked off the temp display from the thermo for 10 or more years. So trying to get my head round that the thermo might have been reading temp wrong all this time or what’s going on.

Iv read your probe is one of the most accurate.

Let me know your thoughts please

Cheers mark

Here are instructions on how to calculate the VPD offset:

We’re likely more accurate than whatever probe you’re using, especially if you’ve got it set up correctly with good airflow.


Perfect thank you :slight_smile: