Swag! What would you like to see from us?

We go to lots of conventions and meetings and stuff, and so far Pulse has kept its offerings for promotional “swag” rather basic, in comparison to the countless different branded things we see going around… some of it’s truly interesting and innovative, and a lot of it doesn’t seem to resonate with people.
We want to explore options with minimal disposable plastic used, and also try to have promo items that are truly something the Pulse family would appreciate.

In general, what swag do you like / keep and why?

What would you like to see from us?

Josh Grey

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I have held on to things I can use in my grow like magnifiers and measuring cups. But I als enjoy wearing shirts that are branded but not with cannabis leaves.

I’m your case, a shirt would be an easy item. Your colors are simple to print on white, a good phrase or slogan can be helpful. But mostly people won’t know what the shirt is about unless they are a grower.


:joy: Ya know, we actually have had some simple white and grey shirts with just a small logo. Amazingly, very few people we run into wear a size small, and we ran out of Large size shirts way before anything else!

You make a good point about the imagery, too. A lot of people don’t feel like displaying mj imagery on themselves, and in some places, that stuff really gets the wrong kind of attention.

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I received 2 shirts from Pete. They are beautiful, with the simple logo, no MJ, wearable anywhere. The shirt quality is top shelf! I got a white XL for me and they slipped in an extra grey small shirt. Well, I was at my friends place when I opened it, his wife was there, I did NOT escape his place with the small grey shirt! She was very impressed with the quality of the shirt and the shade of grey, so keep those in production, the ladies will wear them proudly.

On another note, White shirts are a waste of your efforts. They really only get worn a few times at best, until there is a slight mark or stain, then it won’t be worn in public again if at all. I know mine is wrapped back up in the paper and I’m afraid to wear it, for getting it stained. Stick to anything but light colors please.

Hats, your logo is gonna look awesome on a hat!
Keychains are awesome. Maybe put it on my tent zipper…
Keychain size tape measure.
Your logo is truly a marketing blessing! Nice work guys!

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:joy:I know what you mean! I’m scared to wear my white Pulse shirt like you have outside the office! (But it does look nice!):joy:

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I need a medium pulse shirt. :slight_smile:

A bracket / template to mount the pulse on a wall or ceiling. Need something better than the USB cable hanging.

Rolling tray with Pulse logo would be cool.

We need grinders. We need little mylar smell Proof bags that say pulse. :wink: we need hats with stash pockets and jackets with hidden pockets and also…flashlights that we can put our weeeeed in. How about…hidden pockets behind the pulse symbol on whatever swag u have…smelly proof canoe bags with a pulse logo would be cool…they make them large and small…

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