Spots on plant leaves

Hey guys today I found these spots on (2) of my plants and I’m not sure what it is or what caused them. I also don’t know if I should pluck these leaves so it doesn’t spread or just leave them there? currently they are still there. I make sure to PH my water btwn the area of 6.3-6.8(normally 6.5/6.6) I grow (4)plants in fox farm ocean forest soil with perlite. I use Timber Grow cob LED 640watt lights(lights are 30inches from my smallest plant/26ish from my tallest plant(neither of those two are effected ones) here are the (2) plants with these spots… one plant is a sativa(super silver haze) the other is indica(berry og Kush)



I also am battling a few(to my knowledge) fungus gnats by using yellow sticky traps and lost coast plant therapy solution. When I spray the plants I do it in the dark and I follow the direction per the bottle. Just thought I’d add this Incase that may be helpful or may even attribute to those spots? .

My first guess is wind burn
My second guess is thrips
Fungus gnats don’t leave damage on leaves really

Thrips have next to became to indigenous to the northern mid-west

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Hey tommy thanks for the help! It’s quite possible it may be wind burn! I do have 2 small 6inch fans that were placed pretty close to my plants, maybe causes them to dance a little more than needed. I’ll find better placement for them, but should I remove these leaves or are the ok to be left alone?

I would say it maybe Cal mag brown spots in usually a calcium deficiency but if the soil got to dry it can show up I would leave the leaves and keep the pH a little higher 6.8 in soil

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Hey jd, it’s funny you say that about the soil drying out… aside from having fans maybe a little too close… I did recently let my soil dry out a day longer then what I usually do…:man_facepalming:t4: I’m still trying to find that sweet spot on when to water them. Prior to this photo I let the plants go 5 days before I watered again, normally I do 4 days but this past time the pots still felt a little heavy. That extra day made it feel very very light…

Early on I was having issues on over watering my plants and too frequently! So I switched things up and still can’t seem to find that sweet spot cause I’ve been seeing these spots for about a week close to two and just now am posting🤦🏽‍♂️

My watering habits early on was about 1 gallon every 3 days, I was using the finger in soil method to see if it was dry and not really lifting the pots. I believe I overwatered/too frequently because I posted a thread here not too long ago about a small green algae issue which I found out isn’t a too big of an issue but was probably due to my watering habits…

Now I water 80% of a gallon jug(roughly 100oz) every 4 days. I make sure to lift the pots around day 2 or 3 but they still seem on the heavier side. That day 4 mark seems to be about right, but this is also still very new to me so I’m not 100% sure on if that’s right lol.

When I was watering that 1 gallon I was getting a good amount of water run off and now with my new habits at 80% I don’t get any water run off. I grow in 5 gal fabric smart pots with fox farm ocean forest and perlite(3 parts soil 1 part perlite though I do have some plants at 2 parts soil 1 part perlite…wanted to try different things to see what was best…) I use the fox farm trio nutrients every other watering and currently only using big bloom and grow big(6 TSP big bloom 3 TSP grow big… I worked my way up slowly to this amount)

So aside from bad watering habits and green algae, now I have some fungus gnats starting to appear on my yellow sticky traps​:weary: about 8 or so on random ones placed through out the grow… I’m having quite the welcoming experience to growing cannabis needless to say lol. Seriously tho… KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU GROWERS OUT THERE! I see some of the photos posted throughout the pulse community and first I :drooling_face::drooling_face: then tell myself I’ll get there one day lol.

Should definitely try a root drench with Dr. Zymes for the fungus gnats. They offer free samples even

Have you ever heard of this stuff?? I’ve been using it but not sure how effective it is yet cause I still see the fungus gnats

I have heard of it, and know growers that use it, but I haven’t tried it myself

cut the watering in 1/2 so you can water every 2 days might work better for you

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