Spectrum Readings

I have a HLG Scorpion Diablo I am testing with the Pulse Pro. I have attached a photo of the advertised spectrum and actual spectral readings.

I expected it to be off a little, but it is missing a big chunk of red at 660 compared to what is advertised. On a side note, I did not buy this to measure spectrum, and I am super happy with my purchase even if it didn’t measure spectrum at all, but if it it has the feature, I am gonna play with it.

So i guess my question is, what kind of accuracy can be expected for spectrum readings?

From HLG’s website

Diablo spectrum here and here.

Perhaps the difference is due to the age of the light. If CK’s light is an earlier model, it could well have a different spectrum than newer models.

The light is <2 months old, newest production, and not the R spec. The spectrum chart I posted is correct for the model of light.

I am no light junkie, I could of easily took an incorrect measurement somehow, but i repeated the process several times and got similar results each time.

The Pulse Pro isn’t a high resolution spectrometer (those types of devices more than a thousand dollars typically), it could be that the 660nm peak falls between two measurement points and ends up being underreported. Aside from the missing 660nm peak, the rest of the spectrum looks to be pretty good.

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