SmartThings Integration?

It’s great this device collects RH and temp, but it doesn’t do much good to just tell me about it, I want it to act upon it by turning on the heater, or turning on fans, or turning on a humidifier or dehumidifier. Is this what this device does?


We don’t have any integrations like that yet, but do plan on something like an IFTTT integration in the relatively near future.

I actually find it really useful for fine tuning my environment and seeing whether my controllers are set up & working the way I want them to. You won’t be able to figure out anything w/ just a regular hygrothermometer, but the pulse really lets you see the effects of your actions in your grow.

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Thanks for the reply! Having a hard time understanding why I can’t figure anything out with a thermometer and hygrometer that records history over time? The only difference is that those don’t calculate VPD but with your free fancy spreadsheet I can easily do this to ensure I’m in line over time, and can better control my environment by flipping things on and off through the day and night times, and also automatically adjusting parameters in germinating, veg, and flowering. Especially easy in flowering as I decrease temperature every week as it comes closer to ‘winter’.

Really interested in understanding the concept I’m missing with Pulse here. Point me to some marketing material that I haven’t come across yet?

This is a monitoring device, not a controller. It comes in handy to have real-time alerts in the event your lights don’t come when they should (or even if it detects they are not as bright as usual for whatever reason), if the humidity gets too high, etc., while logging all this information. I think that is the use case for this, at least that’s how I use it. Before, I had a thermometer/hygrometer with a webcam pointed at it along with an AC Infinity fan that has some very basic controller functionality. Now, I can get alerts on my phone when any temp/humidity/light goes out of threshold. It’s then up to me to make any needed changes to get those back within threshold. It’s cool to hear they are looking into IFTTT integration to add-on some automation for external devices. If you’re looking for automation based on thresholds, then you would need a controller until IFTTT integration comes along. Hope that helps.