Simplify notifications texts (display whats important)

When I get my phone notifications, I can’t see directly what it is about without collapcing each one. There is some redundant text that I have underlined in the screenshot. If you remove this text and leave just the important information, We will be able to see all that is important without tapping on each one. It is kind of annoying when I have 3-4 notifications and have to go through all of them to figure what they are about. The locations is usually not visible and this make all the rest of the info irrelevant.

So basically it could read as an example:

Location: Day VPD is Low.


Day VPD is low in Location

Instead of:

Pulse: Your daytime VPD is low in Location.

In my case my location is called R1, so: ( R1: Day VPD is Low ) seems optimal as formating.

The most important information is the Location / Room. If you cant see the location, the rest of the info is useless.

Much cleaner, easier to perceive and there is no need to tap each individually at all. Also there is no need to unlock your phone most of the times. Shorter text will also show better on smart watches.

This isn’t an edge case, this simple optimization will improve the rotine each of us goes through dozen of times everyday.