Senior Approved

At least by this senior. I am 70 and my grow is in my barn which is a bit of a walk , especially in a Michigan winter. I love knowing that my lights came on and went off and that dehumidifier , furnace , fans are all working without walking out there at 6am and midnight , to check. And with Alexa controlled
plugs or devices I can take care of most of pulses notifications setting in my lazy boy. If your grow is in the next room maybe you don’t need it , but if you have to put on your boots and coat to go check things out this thing is worth its weight and gold.


Thanks for the kind words Billy! Means a lot me when I hear that we’re helping people.


Hey Billy!

Appreciate the kind words. Super happy we are able to make things even just a little bit more convenient – I couldn’t imagine having to brave the cold every time I needed to check up on the garden!!!

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Yep, senior approved! I’m 76 and ADHD, and a “medical” user since ‘65 so the Pulse Pro is a must have tool and godsend. It was 27 below zero yesterday but I monitored my grow without getting out of bed. Pulse Pro is necessary and super handy for dialing in the HLG 650’s to correct ppfd.
Pulse is the Right Stuff.

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I just figured out how to use it… lol I was holding it up right like it hangs. Lol I’m a big dummy. I was like if this senior can figure this out I’m doing something wrong. Read the directions and holy shit it has clear direction that’s say to hold it flat lol.

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I love hearing you guys growing. I know i will be in my 70s. Reminds me of my pops(grandpa) who’s been a lifelong smoker. I bet you guys grow some :fire: too!!!