“Save Template as...” not working

I have a template I use for veg that I want to copy but simply turn off the light settings. I figured I would just save my current veg template as another one called seedling and disable the light monitor in that template rather than create a template from scratch.

When I’m in the veg template and click save template as, I’m prompted to enter a name, which I call seedling, but I never see a template called seedling and my veg template is still there.

I’m doing this using the iOS app.


However, I was able to get this to work another way - I associated the veg template to my device, then disabled the light monitoring, then I was asked if I wanted to save this as another template or update the existing one. I named it seedling and it properly saved it under the templates.

Should I be able to copy/clone templates under the templates section using the “save template as…” button?


This seems like something’s not working. I’ll look into it now.

Yes you’re supposed to be able to, i’ll give it a look.

Hey - this should be fixed, along whit a couple of other issues related to saving / managing profiles. It’s in v2.4.3 (you can see version in the menu).

Hi, Peet. Yep, problem resolved. Thanks!

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