[Released] Pulse Profile for drying cannabis

I am drying my crop in the same 3x3 grow tent, obviously lights off.

The Pulse was amazing to grow this crop and I’m using it now to help judge my drying conditions. Living in the desert I supply the tent with AC and now in low RH I am experiencing too rapid drying (based on a cola weight fresh cut and 24 hours later)

I am injecting humidified air to raise the RH from mid 30% to mid 40%.

In reality I don’t know what the optimum (temp & RH) is and I’m sure the short answer is: well its cultivar or strain dependent.

Surely VPD is no longer relevant at the drying stage but is it possible to use the Pulse to monitor and possibly A.I. comment on correcting a drying cycle environment as the VPD attempts to do in the life cycle?

Thank you

Check Ed Rosenthal book Marijuana Harvest

Your account comes with a dry and cure profile, ideally keep temps around 65 and humidity in the 50% range.