Reinforce walls in a tent

I know of a lot of you guys are having issues with negative air pressure in the tent don’t fear I have came up with a solution with just PVC pipe yes I said PVC pipes so hear it is take measurements on the poles of your tent the right, left and back walls of the tent drill holes on each end of the PVC take some zip ties and attached to the poles to tighten them and do that for the rest that easy and it keeps the walls from sucking in…here are some pictures from what it should look like

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Gemann I’m also a buckeye bro!:facepunch:t2: Is that a 650 600 or older 550 rspec?

Go Buckeyes: it’s a 600 Rspec it was on sale like $200 off so I had to get it… they love it only have it at like 60-70% tried to have it full power they wasn’t to happy with it :rofl:

Yeah I hear that I keep mine at 250 watts in veg and inch it up as I get close to flower

how do you know how many watts you are using ??

Micro Watt Meter - Double Pack -…
Those potentiometers they use are cheap as fuck. My 650 was killin all my veg plants on 50%. So I bought those and sure enough there wasn’t much difference between 50% or 100%. Buy those watt meters and I promise you your plants will reward you. Keep it around 200 watts in veg


Good looking out on the pvc hack! I went right to Home Depot and hooked it up👊🏻

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hay bro thanks I try to help out as much as I can and good looking out for the potentiometers I am defiantly going to get me one to much investments I have going on to lose it all just because of some so sample to fix, to a fellow BUCKEYS !!STAY FROSTY!!

got em be here on Saturday :facepunch:

Good investment to protect those ladies. When you get them plug it in immediately to the light without changing any thing. I’m curious to know if your light did the same as mine.
After I got those and dimmed my light properly my plants greened right up and got lush again. It took me a month to fig your why my plants kept turning yellow and the whole time it was that light

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I will let you know as soon as I know, because my girls is doing the same thing turning yellow this is why I put the light up higher and dimmed it also,

@tommy.tee I just got those watt meters it was reading 625, I am currently in 4-5 wks flower. What readings should I be at ?

If you are not supplementing co2 light should be at 400-500 watts at 30 inches.
A lot of ppl will tell you differently and that’s because their situation is different as soon as I saw your lights I knew what was happening to you bc it happened to me. Those Diablo boards are “pro level” lights. They will give you fantastic result but your gonna have to play with it for awhile to get your grow dialed in. Your current grow should green up a bit when you dim down that light. That’s when you will know they are comfortable under the intensity.
The more light = higher feed ppm, 1400 ppm Co2, temp low 80’s, and humidity 60%.
I was at 3200ppm in my coco when I chopped my plants this round. Just to share with you how unorthodox working with led intensity is.
Bro if you ever got any questions I’ll be glad to help you out. I’m no pro that’s for sure but I struggled with those lights for my first year with them and now I’m getting fat dense colas!!!
I wish I stumbled across someone to help me a year ago.
I hope this helps you out bro. Trust me when I tell you these particular light fixtures are a whole different animal​:facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:

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I am not supplementing CO2, so where should the height be at, I am currently at 24-26 depending on the height some plants are taller then others the light defiantly made them stretch. The temps is at 78-80F Humidity at 45-47% VPD is at a 1.3 to 1.4 should the watts be set 400-500 even with out CO2. Thank you again for sharing this with me because FB groups are no help at all, some or half of those people find a way to blast you and finds a way that you are doing wrong, the bad thing about these groups is a lot of trolls. :joy: :joy: If i every need your assistance I will be hitting you up :facepunch:

Yeah keep the light at about 400 watts 30 inches with out co2.
Most definitely bro, it’s terrible the way people would rather ridicule another that’s trying to grow their own shit.
In all honesty I’m telling you what ended up working for me so you might have to tweak a few things.
If your plants start looking saggy or yellow 9 times out of 10 the light is too strong. The reason they sag is bc they are trying to create less surface area being hit by the light. Another trick I used in flower was putting my light cycle to 11/13 instead of 12/12. Giving them a extra hour of rest.
Get on google and research DLI for cannabis. Once you have a good understanding of this there’s no looking back. Your plants will be bad ass guaranteed.
But yeah anytime brother. I post vids on YouTube you can always hit me in the comments and I’ll respond fairly quickly. I hope you find your groove so you can stick it in the haters face

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Oh and for a quick response to your question without arguing with someone who has a different OPINION. No vpd does not matter during dark hours. Your plants do not “uptake” without light they actually send byproducts of photosynthesis back down to the root zone to make the trade off with microbes in a organic grow environment. Naturally your temperature is gonna drop probably around 10 -15 degrees with lights out so to match that you’d have to raise or lower your humidity to stay within range and this type of large swings is hostile for your plant. So in short you can do whatever you want with the info but it doesn’t much matter if the plant is not photosynthesizing bc it’s not drinking and vpd is optimal environment for transpiring while the plant is turning light into food.

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I have my Inkbird humidity controller set at 55% at lights off then to 45-47% lights on. Both my inkbird controller are awesome and they are wi-fi too. Finally got the AC infinity T6 fan in check, the controller that they have is not grow friendly. What is you YouTube channel

Hey Tommy, what’s the name of your YouTube channel? The way you interact with people on this forum and your knowledge make me believe I’d like to hear what you think is worth sharing.

I use 2 650r diablos. I have them up on my ceiling as high as possible. I cheated and have mine closer to the ceiling than recommend but I have fan blowing on the lights constantly. I use C02 and definitely cut back on the dimmer in veg. I crank mine wide open in the last 3 weeks.

Nice one kbud!
This guy told me one time, (because of my light placement)
Does your plants even grow with the light that high? Lmao. This is a good representation of how good they work. Thanks for sharing a awesome pic.