Refresh tap

Hello, I have no clue what to do with what has recently happened to the refresh tap on the top right. Each time I refresh the page on both platforms Iphone and the laptop the save options on the bottom appears I save it or name the template. Then refresh again same thing happens??
Here’s a screenshot of it:

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My bad. I was working on that little thing at the bottom today and had it always opening, but forgot to change it back to how it usually behaves.

I’m pushing a fix out right now.

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Now that’s what I call fast response. Thank you @peet I tried everything that I could think of…🤷 than you :facepunch:

@peet is it fixed, what should I do on my end?

Hey @GeMann , i didn’t get it all the way deployed last night, but I did now. You can close the app (swipe it out of your recent apps) and re-open it, and it should be fixed.

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It’s good now thank you