Refresh Questions

Trying to understand how close to real time pulse readings are:

How often does the pulse record and post sensor readings?

Does the app refresh latest data automatically, or does it require manual refresh? (Pretty certain its manual in the app, at least in the graph view, but want to confirm)

Are there any enhancements planned around data refresh times between sensor and data in future?

Thx for info!

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I wonder the same thing too. Even with Calibration adjustment refresh. I can watch my inkbird humidistat and then input that into Pulse for humidity. I only finally got it calibrated when I had a significant stable humid point that it refreshed in sync with Pulse. I have a small tent. Doesn’t take much for things to go heywire.

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I very well could be wrong, but I believe it does automatically update on its own without having to hit the “refresh” button. Now that might not be true when the graph/full breakdown of the environment screen is open, however if you were to go back to the main screen (where you can choose between devices) after about a minute I’ve found it will update to new values.

Correct me if I’m wrong and not on the same page as the question, but with the app closed (not physically open on your device), then it would have to update itself automatically or else how would it send out alerts for high/low temp, RH, Light, Etc. Or else you would only get those alerts when you physically open the app and refresh.

Again I very well could be way out to lunch and I’m okay with that lol just figured I would throw my two cents in how I see it.

It refreshes! Just want to know how frequent the refresh rate is and lag time of data…

Devices push data once a minute if on wall power. Lag time is anywhere from like 3 seconds to 1 minute depending on how the refresh in the app and the refresh on the device happens.

For example, if a device pushes up data to the server, and then just a couple of seconds later the app pulls the data from the server, you’ll see a pretty close-to-realtime refresh.

If a device pushes up data, but the app just pulled data, you’ll have to wait 1 minute for the app to refresh data again.

Anyway, the biggest lag time is about 1 minute if on wall power.

If on battery, to save battery, the devices connect only once every 10 minutes (and push up 10 data points). So you’ll see a lag time of up to 10 minutes or so.

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