Rate my environment?!

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s gardens are running smoothly! I built myself a facility last summer and have spent the last 10 months trying to dial in my space. Using a Pulse Pro has really allowed me to push my garden and tighten up my swings in all aspects. Check out the screen shot and see how little of variation I do get. After pulling out my hair for the last month and resizing my AC and messing around with ducting and intakes and exhaust I’ve been able to achieve these results…
as a grower with only a year experience under my belt, I just wanted some confirmation that these numbers are about as good as it gets!! Hope to hear and see others garden data and plant performance from their specs!
Thanks for taking the time to read/reply!
Havppy Growing Guys
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PS: I’m in Veg currently!

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Looks great. Can’t get much better than that.


It took me a while to get these result. Over the last month experimenting with different venting set ups and breakers blowing and ac’s frying. And temps swinging from 65-100 from heat stress to cold shock and back it’s been wild. To finally level the plane after a nose dive like that just feels amazing. I’ve been so stressed trying to correct all these problems and wasn’t getting anywhere…
I started growing a year ago, fell in love with the process and build a little set up. With the intention from the start to streamline my process and harvest from newbie to experienced. Here’s a shot of the set up.

Thats absolutely prime. Well done!