Pulseone reload

Using reload on the app or website doesnt refresh my pulse data.i have to wait the 10 minutes is there a fix for that

Hi there!

Pulse devices update their data every minute. It is automatically updated on the dashboard.

Forcing the latest data is provided upon page reload and when using the refresh data.
From what i see - it works fine.

Could you please provide a bit more details?
Are you on the device chart page or viewing the dashboard? If you could - pls dm me screencast.

I’ll be happy to help.

After i hit reload this doesn’t go back to 1 min it continues to go up to 10 minutes

I see. Thank you for the screenshot.

The reload button doesn´t affect the chart sensor page. But you should be getting fresh data with the live button turned on / or on page reload.

Does the actual chart have the latest data or is it also falling behind in the app?

I will be able to take a deep dipe into this issue on monday / tuesday.

Cheers, Greg

@MrRobot Hey guys, hope your weekend is going good! Noticed that you mentioned it only refreshing every ~10 minutes. Are you running your device on batteries only? If so, that’d explain why. When devices are running on batteries only, the refresh time goes to every ~10min to conserve battery life.

Try plugging your device in and let us know how it goes! Have a great weekend!


Oh I’ll give it a try