Pulse Pro Disconnected - not sure what to do

I’m wondering if anyone knows what to do here…I was checking DLI/Par and got one good reading then everything disconnected. Been a couple hours now and nothing. I’ve rebooted my router, turned it off and on, but that did nothing . Anyone have advice?

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Hey! Sorry to hear about the connectivity issues with your Pro. I’m shooting a DM your way so I can help get this issue resolved for you!

Hey John, sorry, I meant to edit my post earlier but completely forgot. You fixed me up on Friday (by emails) so yeah, no problems anymore.

If anyone else has an issue like I had, random disconnection, and then unable to reconnect, John had a pretty simple fix. Disconnect from power, let the battery completely die down (mine took a good twelve hours), then hook back up. Done.

Thanks again John.