Pulse pro blinking orange light in the back !?

I just got my pulse pro and to my surprise I’m seeing a orange blinking light constantly “pulsing” . If I didn’t notice this and put this in my room I would be really screwing up my plants w a blinking orange light in the night cycle . What gives??? Anyone know what this is and why this is happening ? Man I really hope this is just a setting or something . Fyi the pulse is on and working fine w the exception of this light blinking in the back of the unit

I would really appreciate a response of why my very expensive meter that took months to release has a orange LED blinking in the back . And there’s no battery cover to contain it like the pulse one .

Hi, the CO2 sensor works based on an infrared measurement, and that orange light you see is the visible spectrum from the IR bulb. The level of light that is emitted from that is much less than what a plant would get from the moon for example, and not nearly enough to cause any issues whatsoever.

In our validation experiments, the light output from that blinking was less than 1 lux, too low to be measured.

If you’re still concerned, you can face the back of the Pulse Pro against the wall of your room, or put a piece of tape of that part of the back of the device. Make sure not to cover the vents.

But again, let me emphasize, the amount of light emitted is too small to register on any of the light meters we used, and will not impact anything in your grow.

I’ve heard many stories about simple status lights from fans or other gear causing huge issues with people’s gardens. Regardless of the amount of light registered doesn’t a plant still “know” or see it’s there? Please explain how this is any different than a yellow bulb from a air conditioner or dehu. In a pitch dark room that little bulb is def noticeable by eye . How would a plant not see that it’s not pitch dark. Yes I’ve heard moonlight won’t effect outdoor plants but this isn’t outdoor and I’ve always been told a Tiny light can ruin a run . This is photoperiod plants that don’t do well with “light leaks” . I just can’t believe any light would be on in a unit that is partly to learn and manage your nighttime parameters .

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That would be a good bit on info to send in the pulse box to avoid every person coming to you concerned because I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

Your eyes are much more sensitive to lights than plants are. That’s the reason you don’t use a normal light meter to measure brightness, and why you can’t estimate by looking at it. For example, full sunlight is about 1000x brighter than a well lit office.

The light on here is part of the CO2 sensor, and behind a layer of plastic and a membrane. It’s much less light than a normal status light, on top of that it’s also intermittent.

Good idea!

One last thing, is there a layer of that thin protective plastic over the par sensor? It looks like there might be but I’m not sure. I Don’t wanna be messing w it if there’s not . Looks like when air gets Under a screen protector it like bubbles kind of .

I would also like to know how many full indoor runs were done in your testing with that light out in the open blinking . Open and blinking meaning not against a wall to cover it . I would hope quite a few with that blinking on and off all through the dark cycle. I’m not crazy here . Everyone I reached out to that are incredibly knowledgeable are saying any light regardless of amount is a problem. did anyone run the pro before its release? I would like to reach out to whoever may have if that’s possible . Yes I can take your word for it but your word doesn’t equal piece of mind. You guys had to know this concern would come up over and over again.

Hey brother not to but in your conversation but I had put a autopilot Co2 controller in my gro and it has a faint tiny led light on on the photo cell sensor that tells the tanks to shut off at night. For the life of me I could not figure out the logic in having it there when they cater to cannabis growers but nevertheless I’ve never had a issue. Also ppl put camera their grows all the time with “night vision” which is light seeable by plants and they seem alright. My opinion is you will be fine but I understand why you are hesitant to feel at ease

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@tommy.tee I hear you completely bro. It’s just weird being told something is ok when other people Tell me over and over again will cause issues. One being hermaphroditism. I put too much time and energy into this to just accept what 1 guy says when many many say the opposite. So I ask questions. I ask about it how many runs were done , etc . And tbh asking questions and raising possible concerns will only make you a better grower. I have no shame in inquiring about things. I def don’t know everything and I’m aware I don’t . That’s why I ask questions so I can understand exactly why or why something is or isn’t ok. I’m not like “ trying” the pulse guys or anything.it’s real concern and I’m a better grower than most at 2 years beause of my annoying question asking lol .

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The sensor lens is fine, that’s just unfortunately how they turned out. We had a ton of trouble getting the bubbles out between the top lens layer and the black layer beneath it. It doesn’t affect the device performance at all. When we figure out a better way to make those parts, we’ll send out a replacement if you’d like.

We’ve done a couple of parallel runs testing these sensors with no issues, that being said everyone’s grow is different.

In fact if you take it to a dark room and point the back of the device against something, you literally can’t see it shine on anything unless it’s <1 inch away. It really is a miniscule amount of light being emitted by the CO2 sensor.

If you are still concerned about the light a quick solution is to put a little piece of electrical tape over the part of the case that emits light (make sure you don’t cover a large part of the vent on the back), or just mount the pulse against a wall or pole, etc.

I get it bro.