Pulse one propagation dome

Can you place the pulse one inside the Dome

Hi Walshie, you can place it in the dome, but keep an eye on your humidity. If it starts getting above 90% there’s risk of condensation that can potentially damage any electronics in there.

I can’t see anything popping through the top yet and temp is fluctuating between 20 and 26
Humidity is at 84%

So I’m running 4 30L buckets connected to 130L Reservoir, X2 Mars hydro TS 3000 led Ac infinity humidity and temperature control with carbon filter two small fans and one big 400mm fan which is yet to be mounted and teco hy water chiller

Looks like a badass set up bro!!!
Just a heads up, don’t turn those ts3000 past 60% in that tent! I went down that road and it fried my plants. Literally
That hydro set up looks unique. Never seen that one

Good luck my friend

Hey thanks mate if you’re interested have a look here I’ve got my whole set up written up I’m new to all this this is my first ever attempt

:joy: lmao I see we are definitely two peas in a pod!!!ive been going for about a year now and did they same exact thing as far as spending a shit ton of money not knowing what or how the hell I was gonna do it!!! That’s hilarious man.
3 things I learned straight away is#1 “LESS IS BETTER”(Nutrients &lights)
#2 ALWAYS BUY THE BEST EQUIPMENT (because your gonna end up buying the best after the budget item breaks or becomes obsolete)
And #3 YOU CANNOT STOP BUGS ( they will eventually get in so have a plan ready when they do) start reading up on IPM

I’ve spent a easy 7500-10k
Shit adds up quick then it just lays around your house n garage

Currently I’ve been getting into automated grows via raspberry pi and home assistant. Shits pretty cool. Was trying to integrate the pulse but I’m not that crafty yet. I bought all the tech gadgets on impulse without knowing shit about it hahaha

Sorry for bending your ear just trying to give ya some free advice

Wow man looks like all the shit I bought haha is yours an rdwc system too? Have You seen the blue lab automotive dosing system it’s amazing but worth 4K it’s insane

Hey I want all the advice in the world I can get when it come to trying to grow fat sticky buds thanks should sign up to the other form it’s really good people are on there every day chatting even got grow logs on there




Thank bro yeah I’ll join over there

Nice looking plants bro I got my seeds from there too I’ll chat to you over on the other site I’m oz88