Pulse on macOS not working with 1 Password

I’m not able to use 1Password to log in to the Pulse app running in macOS (not in the browser).
Launch the app and the login page renders. 1 Password enters my email address correctly. When it tries to enter the password, the bullets extend across the width of the field for the password. When I try to log in, I get an auth error.
When I type the password, there appears to be one bullet for each character I type. When I try to long in, my credentials are accepted.
1Password has worked correctly until this latest version.

This is regarding the 1Password issue.

The Pulse app on macOS is version 6.2.9. The behavior that I’m seeing is that when a value is pasted into either the Email or Password fields, the text is entered twice.

The text ends up as “original string”+char(32)+“original string” (so there is a work around).

Capto_ 2022-03-26_07-17-34_PM