Pulse July Update - v2.7: Bluetooth Setup, Journal Filters, Offline Data Logging

Just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up soon.

Due to high demand we’ve been sold out of the Pulse One grow room monitor, but have another harvest on the way! We’re backordered until around July 14th. As always, if you order sooner, you’ll be first in line to get your shipment.

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:iphone: App Updates

  • Bluetooth Wifi setup is now available on the native apps. You can get to it by scrolling down in the regular wifi page, and tapping the “Bluetooth Blinkup” link in the bottom right. Soon we’ll change the setup page to be the new and improved bluetooth setup by default.


  • Journal Improvements! We gave some much needed love to the journal. You can filter events now (along with many other improvements, fixes, and refinements):

journal improvements

  • Trendlines added to the dashboard so you can get a quick idea which way your environment is trending:


  • Day & night averages added to the detailed chart page.
  • Custom date range selection added to the chart.
  • Native app requires you to log in much less frequently.

:gear: Firmware Updates ​​​

  • Enabled up to one week of offline data logging. T he Pulse will be able to log a week (up from 90 mins) worth of data offline, then sync it once it connects to the internet.
  • Bluetooth functionality for the new setup process.

:date: In Progress

Ask questions, provide feedback, request features, and join the discussion here on our forums.

Happy Growing,

Pulse Team

OK, still trying to figure out what this is??
I realize you’re maybe not big enough for a marketing department lol but… Who is the audience? Who would purchase these? Large farms? I need like a 29 second video of someone explaining what this is and who benefits

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Hey OmaCoder,

Pulse is an IoT enviromental monitor for indoor agriculture with an associated app that sends you notifications if something goes wrong, and helps you analyze trends in your environment.

The Pulse One device connects to WiFi, collects environmental data (temperature, humidity, light levels, VPD, dew point) and sends it to the cloud. You then can access the data for your account from anywhere with an internet connection using our native and browser apps.

The our customers range from hobbyist indoor growers to mid-scale agricultural operations.

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I know! the marketing doesn’t state the benefits, They talk the environmental measurements but not the benefit to the growers. I passed due to ineffective communication on what it did then I decied “hey, I like gadgets so I will get one”…


I always wondered what my environment was like and this give a wealth of information in a small format that tells me sooo much more about what it happening in my 4x4 tent then knowing just humidity, temp, and other measurements. When you get into the app and spend a few minutes scratching your head about what you are looking at you will settle in on the VDP measurement and as soon as I understood to monitor that and dial it in my adjusting my temp and humidity my plants took off and are staying healthier than before.

I recommend get yourself one.


:heart: Gadgets!!

Thanks! So it’s more for letting me know if my environment is awry?
I can see trending if you want to try different environments then be able to look at yield vs the trend of your environment for that grow? Just not sure how trending comes into play. Are people comparing yield vs trend on here then to decide the optimum trend?

Next question… Sounds like I should wait for Pulse v2!?

Pulse let you stop worrying about your grow. At first you’ll be checking the app every 30 seconds. It lets you get a peek at your grow’s environment at any time. You’ll probably identify a bunch of issues you didn’t know you had. Then once you stabilize things, you’ll learn to rely on the alerts to let you know if something fails in your grow.

Whenever you make a change, or when you have a weather event in your area (really hot day, rainy day, etc), you can see how your grow’s environment reacts. You’ll be able to check and adjust your environment to actually keep in where you want it.

The Pulse CO2 won’t be out until the end of the year, and will be a more expensive advanced parameter monitor.

Thank you for the feedback about our marketing messages - they definitely need some improvement. We’re open to suggestions on how to communicate the value of Pulse in a better way!

Is this gonna be something we could hook up to our existing pulse or do we have to purchase a different unit? I have a auto pilot already which keeps track of ppms but all the different monitors and sensors are starting to stack up lol
Just wondering why my pulse tag keeps turning red
Is that bad?image

The Pulse CO2 will work alongside the Pulse One. The Pulse tag is red because you have an ongoing alert. See the notification bubble in the top right.

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Is offline data logging currently working? I have a pulse connected via usb power adapter and batteries installed. I experienced a power outage at 9am this morning. I see data until 9:10am then nothing until power was restored (and wifi and internet came back online).

Hi - it should be working! What’s your device id?

Hey Peet, Id 4304 I believe. Thanks for the quick reply looking forward to pulse pro and native ios app

We already have a native ios app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pulse-grow/id1497259672

My guess from the logs is that the batteries were pretty low on juice in the pulse and didn’t last long after the power outage. The problem lies in the fact that if there’s no wifi signal, the pulse uses more power to try & connect, combine that with batteries that sit in a device and self-discharge for a while, and you end up with only 10 minutes logged. We’ll have to address some of those things in firmware and in subsequent product revisions, but for now if you want offline data logging, you have to power the device with AC power, and not batteries.

Yeah one of the batteries was dead. Ok so basically I would need a battery backup on the pulse or my router for this to log the data during a power outage.

As the firmware currently is, yes.