Pressure Added to Tracking Graph

From what I can see pressure is the only analytical variable that isn’t included on the graph.

Having the pressure tracked will be able to show the impact of negative or positive pressure on a crop.

Makes sense. The data is being calculated, I wouldn’t see why it’s not/shouldn’t be on the graph. I’d like to see that too! Good tip!

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@PremiumGasCo hit that vote button then!


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You know I use this device to minimize the swing of relative humidity (relative)? Seeing a vpd number is already there by watching (RH). But I will always take more for the money. :grin:

I been dealing with my first spider mite infestation ever (growing for 2 years). (They liked my (RH).
Neighbor’s clone, I new better.
Just took down and cleaned 4x6 tent and 2.5x2.5 tent, sorry about the highjack of the link.