PPFD Guidance for a rookie

I’m still fairly new at this (~1 year). I’ve persevered after a rough start due to too much information not tempered by experience. I think I’m starting to kill it but now I’m on a quest of continuous improvement. I’ve had my Pulse Pro for a couple weeks. It’s fun looking at all the new information this device gives me. I’m happy my ambient CO2 is always between 650 and a thousand but now I’m getting off on a tangent. More information about my lighting intensity and spectrum has informed me that I know very little about how to tune my lights for the stages of my plant’s growth. I veg my plants under an HLG 100v2. My flower tent is a 2.5 x 5 with a Budget LED Series 3+ R-Spec 250W with an added Optic LED Slim dimmable 100 watt Bloom Enhancer with UV/IR set up as a side light. I have no idea what to set the intensity of these lights to other than to start around 50% and crank them up periodically until arriving at full intensity and only backing off if the plants get angry with me. I did find out I can’t get that bloom enhancer too close to the plants. Please help me improve my grow. Thanks.

DOH, u already have the Pro,

400-600 PPFD veg
600-800 late veg-early flower
600-1200 flower, late flower.

using CO2 i use the higher values.

REALLY GOOD ARTICLE explains what u want.

Yes, I got it on Feb. 11th. I saw the pre-order special and jumped on it. It was lucky timing. I had convinced myself to buy the Pulse One. I saw the pre-order special for the Pro when I went to the website. Between that and the veteran’s discount I ordered immediately. Thanks for the guidance. I appreciate the help. I hope you get your Pro soon.

Do you have some pictures of the Grow? I found that getting the most blue into my spectrum and hotter temps in veg keep my plants short and bushy. I also have hlg light but instead of buying two separate 800$ lights (bspec & rspec) I bought the 650r and bought 4 separate Bspec boards which were or are on sale for 49 bucks each and I alternate the boards. You definitely don’t “need” a different spectrum but I would recommend it knowing what I know now. I’m gonna give you the best advice I EVER got from a older grower( I’m not much more of a expert then you are) STOP listening to ppl online. His words exactly were: “ there is 3 types of growers on the internet. Beginners, beginners whom think they are good growers, and good growers. The problem with this is there is significantly more “beginners whom think they’re good growers” then there are truly good growers. So with that comes a plethora of misinformation passed along by people who don’t know wtf they are talking about.”
In absolute honesty, when I applied those words to my garden it exponentially got greater over a short period of time. I wasn’t fighting “lockouts” or chasing “deficiency” any longer. Now my problems became shit like my plants are getting too big, the trimmer keeps getting jammed bc the material is too sticky. When I read your post it gave me a flash back of all my trials and tribulations, and struggles bc I didn’t just rely on myself and my own ability and started seeking out info that 90% of the time turned out to be shit. I’m sorry for the rant lol it sounds like you’re doing a hell of a job so just strap in and enjoy the ride. There is never a shortcut to this if you know what I mean.
I wish you luck my friend happy growing!:facepunch:t2:

I’ll post some pics later. I’m in the middle of my dark period. I’ll open myself for critique. I’ll welcome it as a matter of fact.

Thanks tommy.tee for the advice and words of encouragement. Here are some pictures as promised.

This is my 2x2 veg tent. It has a couple 40 day old Blueberry Autos from ILGM. The media is reused FF Coco Loco with Dr. Earth dry amendments. I amend my media every 3 weeks. I water with compost tea in between amendments if the plants look like they can handle it or maybe even want it. There is a Pulse One in this tent but it’s around the corner.

This is my 2.5 x 5 flower tent. The plant on the left is a Jack Herer auto from ILGM and the plant on the right is an auto Berry from MSNL. Both are days away from harvesting but the trichomes won’t turn amber. They are 89 days old.

Jack Herer auto


I guess I’ll hit reply now and see if I composed this response correctly and somewhat coherently. If anybody wants to criticize, offer advice or call me stupid feel free. You’ll either help me or motivate me to do better. Thanks.

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I had some WWA that did me the same thing being stubborn and not turning amber too I waited and waited ans so on, so right at 120 days I finely saw some amber not much but they were there and the fan leave were all yellow almost brown. That’s when i decided to harvest them now there were some buds that was dry but after 120 day I would too… :joy: so I hope this gives you some insurance to not give in and wait it out and watch them carefully…I’m telling they can be a little sneaky…

4 I know its not much but hay that was my first auto grow so I’m OK with that it just made me think more and learn, my current grow of the same stain WWA, I did a lot of changing and I mean a lot so here are some of them now at 8 wks from seed
![7 wks 5 days 16|375x500]

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Very well kept! I can appreciate a clean well tended grow environment!!! Thank you for sharing. I love the fall colors

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