Power Outage Alert

Hi all
I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing issues with the outage alert.
I tested it a couple times but couldn’t make it work.
There are batteries in it and the device is connected to the wall. When I turn off the electricity the pulse starts drawing the power from the batteries, but the device does not send me a notification.


  • High (Any) Sensitivity for the Outage Alert
  • Notification Email activated
  • Repeat Frequency is 1

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the functionality of this feature. Thanks for clarifying then.

Worked fine for me when I had an actual power outage earlier this week. Sent notification about the outage, then once power was back it resumed alerts (RH was high because my dehumidifier was off for a while).

ok, so you had no batteries in the pulse?

Yes I have batteries but when power went out so did my wifi, so it alerted about a power outage. If just my network went down then it should have alerted to loosing wifi. I have mine set to alert for all 3 things there at the top: wifi disconnect, power outage & low battery.

I believe for power outage reporting to work, you cannot have your Pulse both plugged in and on batteries. I think it just transitions from the plug power to the batteries, however I haven’t double checked this in a while.