On Loading app it is in C i have to refresh for F

Recently when i load the (app or shortcut) the readings go to C, I have to refresh right away to get proper F reading as set.

What makes this worse is I am on IOS, on Android you can pull the screen down and refresh, IOS had the refresh button up top but now its gone, so with gloves on I have to try and hit the three lines menu button and select refresh from there every single time i load the dashboard.

Is there a fix for this?

Hi Scarecrow - what version of the app do you have? To find that, go to menu, account, then scroll all the way down and tap on “Debug Information”. It’ll tell you the app version there:

There should be a fix in the 2.0.8 version - if you have an earlier version, you may still be experiencing the problem. To update, you have to remove the app from your recent applications, or perhaps restart your phone.


And you are still having this issue today?

Yes still there

Deleted home screen icon and re did the link and it works better now!

What happened to the refresh button though? I really enjoy having that handy not hidden in the menu

The app automatically refreshes the dashboard data every minute, so the reload button isn’t really necessary except if there are issues.

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