Newbie Sharing His First Round & Open To Advice

Gday everyone
I’m on my first round of growing hydroponically in coco, run to waste.

I am not a huge smoker but have found it helps my chronic pain and thought growing would be a fun adventure.

It has certainly been fun and also mega challenging I think my need to go large probably has contributed with doing 8.

I have had a mini flood and have changed stuff around so often i’ve been getting dizzy.

So now i’ve just flipped to flower today and humidity is going to be a problem with it not dropping with lights on enough to suffice.

I will share better pics when i get a moment.

My PH was way to high recently and that caused a tonne of stress and yellowing of the centre of the leaves and it turned out nutrient lockout was the cause.

They still are not looking that healthy but am hoping now ph nutrients are correct they will start to heal.

Had no idea what i was doing with net and ended up basically just training them to fill the space better with also falling over a couple times and knocking shit everywhere. haha

The space is 2.9x2.9x 2.3m.

I have LED lights running

  • two mars ts 3000s, (450 true watt)
  • 3 200w ufos
    -1 300w UFO
  • A small 300w panel with no name ( suprisingly works better than others)
    And a Vitrapseca 4000w ((400 true watt) on its way.

I do have a inkbird humidity controller but the humidifier has busted and am interested to know what appliances you all would hook up.

I have no temp controller but do have a v2 ( think) intake fan and a basic outlet fan hooked up to a controller.
All are connected to wifi power outlets.

Have pulse one and love it when money permits will definitely get pulse pro.

thanks everyone appreciate the support

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I would def get the dehu replaced ASAP. Literally mold can go from zero to fuzzy infected in 1 night . I would start with that. And then work on dialing in your environment . As far as nutrients and lockout , a ppm meter and ph meter are essential to keep tabs on what’s going on in your pots. When running salts you Want to give runoff EVERY time you feed. It will wash out old salts left behind from uptake . #1 is environment . Then I would work on giving those girls a good flush w water first to get a ppm and then once you flush it down to your desired ppm I would then feed with a nice solution if needed. And brother one tip I have is never flip to flower unless your plants are in optimal condition. The goal is to get all your issues figured out in veg because it’s much more forgiving than trying to do it in flower and potentially ruining a harvest . Best of luck !


Ac infinity makes decent variable speed fans that hook up to a controller and a sensor . Some guys use those to control RH along side a dehu. And some use it by itself to control RH and temp. What’s your intake air like ?

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you are a good dude and that’s exactly what i needed to hear. After their first 12 hr sleep they are looking so much healthier
Defu ? sorry still trying to understand language
thanks brother

I have an air purifier helping with quality control on the intake
Air quality isn’t bad

How much do you take shade leafs from the top? I feel like they shade the lower parts to much

Dehu is dehumidifier … your plants look pretty bush. IMO I would remove any large fan leaves that are blocking lowers . The rule of thumb is if it will open up more thanthe amount lost then it’s worth it. For instance if you pull a huge fan leaves that let 4 smaller tops get light , then it’s a go. If it will only clear enough for 1 top then I would leave it . Hopefully you catch my drift .

Your intake temp looks good. I think that around 65 * . What’s your Rh coming in? This is a good chart to keep handy .

It shows what will happen when certain conditions are hit with other certain contains .

Referring to the top chart. Here’s another cool chart showing how Co2 effects levels of photosynthesis .


Thanks buddy

That info about leaves is priceless. I was in there last night pulling them off and they are so so thick. As they are in the first week of flower how much longer can i remove them without stressing or damaging the flowers?

I have been looking at monitors i can fit that will keep PH etc at the correct levels. Blue lab have some good ones but are pretty expensive. Do you have monitors for their reservoir ?

The humidity is bad during their sleep but the environment with lights on is almost ideal now. Do i need to get that humidity down for their sleep?

Thanks again mate really helps having someone give you honest and easy information.

Since I added the 400w light two days ago seems like it’s working wonders.

You def want to handle that humidity in the dark period. It’s not a guarantee you will get mold or something like that but the probability goes way up. You should get yourself a small dehumidifier or a small air conditioner . It would help w the humidity as well as the heat in the summer months.

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In veg I would try to keep the Rh not more than 50-60% at night. In flower you can keep roughly the same as long as you have plenty of airflow and fans to keep the air moving . The fans themselves won’t get rid of the humidity but the air movement will help a lot. Def suggest investing in a ac infinity duct fan with their smart controller . That way you can set the fans to kick on when those RH spikes happen at night. And they are all automated so you just set your parameters and that’s it . And like I said when a spike happens the sensor will kick the fan on until the set point is met and then turn off all on its own.

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Some guys use the ac infinity fans in place of a dehumidifier . They simply just exhaust the hot humid air which will in turn lower your RH. I forgot to say that the fans can also be set by temperature. They are very versatile and highly regarded among the canna world.

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